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  • I have searched through the topics for the past day or so with no luck to find someone experiencing the problem that I am seeing. Not exactly at least.
    Everything goes along smoothly –> Unpack the code, cp the sample config to wp-config.php, edit it to match my database settings, save it, load my url followed by wp-admin/install.php in the browser and breeze through the first two steps. I can verify that the connectivity to the database exists by seeing the tables get created and populated as verified from a “show tables;” command at the mysql> prompt. At step three where I am to expect my temporary password, no page is displayed, on some browsers I get a can’t be displayed message and on others a TCP communications error warning which is misleading because everywhere else my connectivity is fine.
    I have repeatedly removed the code, cleaned out the old tables and started over, sometimes with the same code base, sometimes with a fresh copy, or the lastest build — just tried todays’ build. All see the same problem.
    I am running on some flavor of Linux with Apache and PHP/MySQL. I am not sure of the version numbers however, they are well ahead of the requirements for wordpress. I am currently on MT and really like the WordPress interface and want to move, I just can’t get a clean install to work.
    Oh yeah, one last thing, even though the page is never displayed, I can verify that the admin user got populated and I have reset it with an update statement with a md5 hashed password that I create so that I know the login. However, when I go to login, I get the same page can’t be displayed errors.
    Any ideas?
    Patrick Altman

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    Since this is not a widespread problem (and one I can’t replicate) the only way to debug this is for you to send myself or another developer login details for your site.

    I have cleared out everything and it is ready for install by going to:

    I have isolated in the code where the error is occuring. It is when the following call is made to the wpdb->query function via the wpdb->get-row function:
    // Perform the query via std mysql_query function..
    // $this->result = mysql_query($query, $this->dbh)
    When I comment out the $this->result line I can get my test page to load (just including the wp-config.php file). The query that is causing this to break is:
    select * from wp_users limit 1
    This query runs just fine in mysql, but for some reason is causing the application to break.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    I am having this problem too. At step 3, but the admin login is still provided. I just cleared out everything going to try again.. 3rd time. I do a clean install because my previous b2/wordpress upgrade seems dead.

    Opps! I found my error,
    Guess my host is dead, it dosen’t display the index.php, just gave me a blank one.

    Thanks, but this doesn’t answer my question.
    I guess will I am just out of luck and will have to stick with MT until a later time to when a new version is out and I can make another attempt and getting this to work. I really like what the screenshots have to offer in the way of a UI and am excited and anxious to be able to put it to use one day on my site.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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