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  • I had wordpress working for a while then all of a sudden could not access my database. I created a new database, deleted all my blog content and downloaded a fresh copy of WordPress. After running the installation, the blog itself seems to be working, but I cannot access the admin pages. When I try to I get an error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at D:\hshome\markdmac\\blog\wp-includes\pluggable.php:1) in D:\hshome\markdmac\\blog\wp-includes\pluggable.php on line 648

    I am running WordPress on a Hosted Windows Server. Research on this error indicates there should be a blank space in my WP-CONFIG.PHP file. There was a blank line at the bottom of the file. I deleted that. I have tried using notepad, Expression Web and even downloaded a copy of phpDesigner to try and find additional blank lines before the opening <?php but none are there. I also looked for blank lines in the referenced pluggable.php but nothing there either.

    From pluggable.php:

    647 if ( $is_IIS ) {
    648 header(“Refresh: 0;url=$location”);
    649 } else {
    650 if ( php_sapi_name() != ‘cgi-fcgi’ )
    651 status_header($status); // This causes problems on IIS and some FastCGI setups
    652 header(“Location: $location”);
    653 }

    Can anyone help?

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  • Mark, have you found a solution yet? I’m struggling with exactly the same problem and would like to try a few more options before I completely re-install WP.

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