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  • Hi Guys,

    I’ve been running and testing WP in a folder called, funnily enough, wordpress on my hosting service’s account for the last week to assess the following:

    1) If I like WordPress – which I do. (seriously!)
    2) If I can master your software, as in understand what I need, how to do things, and the biggy: Permalinks – yikes! (PS: I have a question on that one!)
    3) whether or not it is truly suitable for my needs.

    What I’ve decided to do is to go ahead with the new install. But I need some serious advice first. I would like my domain name to remain my domain name eg: instead of as I have seen this last week.

    My service provider has admitted to not knowning anything about WP, but he’s told me to go ahead with the fresh install – via CPanel – and place the download into a sub-directory as before (WP). After download, I’m to use FTP (which I have) and move the CONTENTS FOLDER only into my public_html folder. From there I’m told that my domain name will remain regardless of what activity I now undertake.

    Is this right? Can you foresee any problems down the track regarding this type of install?

    Your professional help would be greatly appreciated.


    PS: Permalink – I know, dreadfully cheeky of me. Am I suppose to create permalinks for each and every page/post I do, or only create the “path” once and forget the rest?

    thanks again.

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  • If you have FTP you don’t really need to rely on cPanel (which, I guess, means installing through Fantastico). Just upload the WP files via FTP into your public_html folder.

    However, if it is already there in the /wordpress folder, you can easily move it “up”, by following the instructions here: Moving_WordPress

    Re: permalink. You just go into Options > Permalinks and create the “structure” based on the examples there and you are done. Note. For Pages you’ll have to keep your .htaccess file writable whenever a new Page is created. But first focus on the move 🙂

    Goodness, thanks Moshu for your really quick reply.

    I confess, I’ve been reading LOTS on your site, trying to understand so many variations that I often wonder if I’m up to it all. I don’t consider myself stupid by any means, but sometimes…

    OK. I’ll check out your link – thanks again. After I’ve read up on the Moving WordPress I’ll make a decision. As to the rest, I’m keeping a list for a time when I can post without fear of finding myself slanted into the notorious “Search The Forum First” category.

    Thanks! 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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