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  • Hi – any help much appreciated!

    This is what happens:

    Brand new install via Earthlink hosting, haven’t written a post or changed anything at all.

    When I switch between classic and default themes, no problem. But when I load a new theme and click on it in the admin, I get blank white screen throughout the site, admin and all. Removing the new theme solves it, though the theme itself is NOT the problem – any new theme causes the same thing.

    I’ve un- and re-installed wordpress, and the problem remains.

    Anyone want to take a look? The url is:

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  • whooami



    Create a file named test.php

    put just this inside it.

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    Upload that file to that web space, into the same directory as the wp-config.php.

    Make sure the permissions are 644.

    Bring up that file in your browser. Look for the value: memory_limit

    whats the value?




    On second look I see the trouble.

    Why are you using wordpress 2.0.4?? Thats three years old and insecure. You will not have any success trying to use 99.99% of the themes you find online, since they are written with code that needs a newer version of wordpress than you are using.

    If you cannot install a newer version of wordpress on earthlink, you need a new host.

    If you can, thats what you need to do.

    Thanks so much! I went with their automatic install, and there were no options on versions. I tried a manual install, and it didn’t work. So I’m going to advise this client to switch hosts. Thanks again! I really appreciate the help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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