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  • As an experienced installer of collaboration software and several different blogging type applications, I am very surprised at all the sql errors I got. Like others here, wp works, ( so far), but on admin screens I get a “runtime error Line 50 error ‘null’ is null or not an object”
    It is not me or my server on any of these.
    This pops up on ever page click, so needless to say it took a long time to fill in changes. I just clicked no to debugging and kept going. Hopefully it will work, I would like to try WordPress. If there is a patch please post. Someone posted an SQL file but after using it I couldn’t log on. Had to delete db and start over…
    Hopefully this will be fixed… otherwise the program looks great!

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  • Bruce,
    What version did you install?

    Also, you clicked “no to debugging” so this error was from your browser and not from the webserver? If so, what browser are you using (sounds like IE)? Please give us some more information about the error.
    PS: I am the person that posted the MySql dumps. The username to use (after the dump is imported) is admin and password is password. I thought I mentioned that. Sorry if it screwed things up further for you.

    Didn’t mean to sound so negative, was up all night. Explorer6, but haven’t had sql errors before, it has to be in the program. Was only during install. Don’t seem to be a big deal tho, it’s working good. Debugging from my settings…
    Maybe I missed the password, that’s ok, wasn’t a big deal 🙂 Sometimes I run and don’t look lol
    Runtime error as above on admin screens. The program is working great. I’ll turn the debugging off.
    I really like it, great functions. Comments settup awesome, good configuration choices over others, love the stylesheet layout, easy to configure and fast loading 🙂
    After having used WP all day…well, 8am to noon, I really like it. Am exploring it more, but it looks like it will become my #1. Just set it as homepage.

    Thank you for being this positive and responsive! 🙂
    And welcome to the WordPress community. Hope to see you around.

    Sorry, was version:

    There have been a lot of posts on this topic. The ‘errors’ are supposed to be there and should be ignored.
    Has this been posted on the Wiki? It might save a couple of duplicate threads even if it doesn’t stop all of them.

    Hope the above isn’t confusing.
    1. There were sql errors on install, but it works. Others saying same thing.
    2. The other is in the admin page coding, onclick I get a runtime error, this is on most of the config pages.
    When I shut debugging off, I of course get the error message at bottom of ie screen.
    I can’t see “errors are supposed to be there.”
    The program works good, but nontheless, install errors from mySQL shoulf be worked out.
    But I’m not being negative, it’s a great program 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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