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New install, theme directory issues

  • heres an old one for ya (new for me)

    I get this error upon creating any multi site sites:

    ERROR: The themes directory is either empty or doesn’t exist. Please check your installation.

    thats a lie, I have a network activated theme and I can go to that sites theme section and select the theme. How ever, hers a new issue: I have a function that checks the theme version against a server version to tell me of updates:

    object(WP_Theme)#378 (11) {
      ["theme_root":"WP_Theme":private] => string(43) "/home/adrienk/public_html/wp-content/themes"
      ["headers":"WP_Theme":private] => array(1) {
        ["Name"] => string(5) "aisis"
      ["headers_sanitized":"WP_Theme":private] => NULL
      ["name_translated":"WP_Theme":private] => NULL
      ["errors":"WP_Theme":private] => object(WP_Error)#380 (2) {
        ["errors"] => array(1) {
          ["theme_not_found"] => array(1) {
            [0] => string(35) "The theme directory does not exist."
        ["error_data"] => array(0) {
      ["stylesheet":"WP_Theme":private] => string(5) "aisis"
      ["template":"WP_Theme":private] => string(5) "aisis"
      ["parent":"WP_Theme":private] => NULL
      ["theme_root_uri":"WP_Theme":private] => NULL
      ["textdomain_loaded":"WP_Theme":private] => NULL
      ["cache_hash":"WP_Theme":private] => string(32) "3a18d47cb52321381b06ec89b5f49263"

    So…..If the theme directory actually DOES exist, why am I getting this error?

    note: fresh install of wordpress, no plugins and this theme is not the one causing this issue.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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