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  1. Adam
    Posted 4 years ago #

    heres an old one for ya (new for me)

    I get this error upon creating any multi site sites:

    ERROR: The themes directory is either empty or doesn’t exist. Please check your installation.

    thats a lie, I have a network activated theme and I can go to that sites theme section and select the theme. How ever, hers a new issue: I have a function that checks the theme version against a server version to tell me of updates:

    object(WP_Theme)#378 (11) {
      ["theme_root":"WP_Theme":private] => string(43) "/home/adrienk/public_html/wp-content/themes"
      ["headers":"WP_Theme":private] => array(1) {
        ["Name"] => string(5) "aisis"
      ["headers_sanitized":"WP_Theme":private] => NULL
      ["name_translated":"WP_Theme":private] => NULL
      ["errors":"WP_Theme":private] => object(WP_Error)#380 (2) {
        ["errors"] => array(1) {
          ["theme_not_found"] => array(1) {
            [0] => string(35) "The theme directory does not exist."
        ["error_data"] => array(0) {
      ["stylesheet":"WP_Theme":private] => string(5) "aisis"
      ["template":"WP_Theme":private] => string(5) "aisis"
      ["parent":"WP_Theme":private] => NULL
      ["theme_root_uri":"WP_Theme":private] => NULL
      ["textdomain_loaded":"WP_Theme":private] => NULL
      ["cache_hash":"WP_Theme":private] => string(32) "3a18d47cb52321381b06ec89b5f49263"

    So.....If the theme directory actually DOES exist, why am I getting this error?

    note: fresh install of wordpress, no plugins and this theme is not the one causing this issue.

  2. Where did you get this theme function? Are you sure it's not the problem?

    Did you manually go look to make sure there are themes in the folder?

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