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  • Resolved ssb


    New to all this stuff.

    • Have loaded WP-MU on a RHEL 5 box.
    • Have the MySQL database server ( v 5.1.31sp1 enterprise ) working on a separate RHEL 5 box.
    • Connectivity between the 2 boxes is OK. Am able to login with the MySQL Administrator tool from the WP-MU box.
    • Have created a database on the MySQL server and have given it full access to the MySQL user that I’ve been using for the WP-MU setup
    • Have found that I needed php-mysql so have loaded that
    • Have launched the index.php file from my web browser and entered my parameters. After clicking the submit button I get the Error establishing a database connection message.
    • Have checked the parameters in the wp-config.php file for any typos …. there doesn’t seem to be any. Tried replacing the DB_HOST directive with the IP address of the server …. didn’t help. (Yes restarted httpd each time.)

    Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thanks for the forum’s time.

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  • See of the following video can help you troubleshoot the error.

    “Error Establishing a Database Connection” — How to Fix This WordPress Error

    Thanks for the pointer to your videos Figaro. I’ve watched them before but I watched them again checking the settings in my wp-config.php as the videos progressed. My database settings match those in the MySQL database.

    The problem continues.

    Are there any other pre-requisite application other than Apache, PHP, PHP-MYSQL required on the WP-MU server?




    whats with the all the MU questions, recently? Doesnt MU still have support over on their forums?

    ssb, you’ll get much better support for MU on the forum that specializes in helping MU users.

    Doesnt MU still have support over on their forums?

    MU has never had much support on those forums…mostly a hand full of people with huge egos, insulting anyone who dares ask a question, or directing them to the mu preimum support site.

    @ssb: I didn’t catch the reference to MU in your first bullet. An MU set-up has pretty much the same db connection requirements as a single WP install. If you install a single WP instance on your server can you connect to the DB?

    Thanks for pointing this out WhooAmI. This is where I started but somehow ended up here. I figured the forums were linked. Must have been the link in the sign up E-Mail. I’ll repost there. My apologies to the group.

    Closing this post.

    Solution found.

    Worked on this for some time and discerned that the problem was really a PHP problem. It wasn’t connecting to the database. PHP connectivity problems mean HTTPd problems. After a lot of digging into PHP, which I know nothing about, the problem pointed back to the SELinux tool. It was stopping the web server from communicating with the database server. The solution was to issue the following command at the Linux command prompt:

    [root@foo ~] setsebool –P httpd_can_network_connect=1
    [root@foo ~]

    After this the standard installation worked fine.

    Thanks for everyone’s time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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