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    OK. Deep breath. I have installed WP, PHP, MySQL on my own local server where I host my own site: http://www.clanofthefishers.com. I am running XP Pro and I am using IIS 5.x. I got things almost working meaning that I got to the login page for WP and tried to login. Started getting a 403 error so I started monkeying with the permissions after reading the documentation over and over. No avail, however, if I disregard the login screen and directly type in the url, I can get to my dashboard. OK, I can deal with that - not ideal as there is something wrong, but not a disaster. From the admin dashboard, I click on 'visit site' and get the 403 error again. Until the WP et al install, my site was spinning like a top. Now, I can't get it to open. No one can access my site by links, but directly typing in the url, nothing. This is a disaster and I am desparately seeking some guru guidance. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    Don F.

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