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    Hi Everyone,

    When I first get into the dashboard it shows me that the “Incoming Links”, “Plugins”, and “WordPress Development Blog” are “Loading..” but nothing ever comes up.

    Also, whenever I try to “Write a Post” or click anywhere on the dashboard, that page is extremely slow to load – 25+ seconds. But after that all the other pages load quickly unless I go back to the Dashboard. This makes me think that theres a problem with the dashboard. I have only two plugins that came “out the box” and they are both inactive. Any help would be great!


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  • EDIT:

    It seems as if the culprit of my slow dashboard was indeed the RSS feeds. As of yet, I have no idea why my feeds slow down my dashboard but it doesn’t for others? (just a guess).

    So this is what I did, for any future people who may have this issue. I simply went into the wp-admin folder and opened up “index-extra.php” in Dreamweaver (you can do this in Notepad or any other WYSIWYG app).

    All you have to do is commment out the 4th line (place // infront of it) so it reads
    // require_once (ABSPATH . WPINC . '/rss.php');

    I’ll repost if I figure out how to get the feeds without it slowing down my dashboard.

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