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  • I just bought TNG and followed the Dear Myrtle Webinar as I installed TNG and the plug-in. Some things were already different in the plug-in and what I saw on the webinar. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to install a new tng.php? The install site said not to install a different version, so I didn’t.

    In any case, I got to the same point where my page didn’t display anything (and the admin page within WP didn’t either), which in the video you fixed in the background, and said it had to do with Permalinks. I tried changing my permalink settings, but nothing changed. What exactly did you change? Are there other things I can check?


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  • I looked again and saw the update date for the plugin was much older than the one on the TNG download page, so I installed the TNG version. Note sure why the says not to, however. Now the menus matched what was in the webinar, but I still don’t see anything on my tree page. The admin page is now a link to the standard TNG admin page, so that works. I added the admin page, saved, then updated the variables, but I’m still not seeing anything on my page.


    Hello, and for many years!

    I want to create a friendly family – family tree.
    I am trying to use TNG WordPress Integration Plugin for wordpress. I think you misunderstood what I set. I have installed wordpress and try to add TNG WordPress Integration Plugin. The error is: Warning: TNG cannot be found in /tng – please specify the full (absolute) path to your TNG installation, or automatically search for the correct folder.

    I tried to create a separate directory where Tng is wp-content directory, but again I could not figure out how to proceed.
    Please advice!

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