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  1. chrisfurman
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have installed WordPress 3.0.3 into a subfolder under the root directory of my website.

    The installation works correctly if I leave it as a standalone site. However, if I try to switch it to multisite, that's when my trouble begins. When I add the .htaccess file to the directory, I get a 500 Internal Service Error (it was originally a 403 Forbidden Access error, but after reading a few things on the forum, I got it to the Internal Service Error). If I take the .htaccess file out, the site then works again, but any additional site I try to create (aside from the main site) won't work.

    I have an e-mail into my hosting provider about it, but I figured I would ask here to see if anyone else has either encountered this issue or knows a way to fix it.

    Thanks in advance.
    ~ Chris

  2. It requires the htaccess file, yes. So if the presence of even an empty one makes your site spaz out, then yes - wait for your host to email you back. :)

    And you picked subfolders, yes? And you;re running the install from that folder and not from the root?

  3. chrisfurman
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi Andrea.
    Thanks for the response. I tried the blank .htaccess file (which worked), and just as I did, I got the standard "We have made an adjustment to your site" e-mail from my host. I put the original .htaccess file back into the installation folder, and now everything seems to be working correctly!

    Off to play I go!

    Thanks again.
    ~ Chris

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