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  • I cant imagine that I am the only person who has noticed that incoming links is gone from my dashboard – it appears as if others have experienced this phenomenon going back as far as maybe 9 months ago (when WP was still pulling links from Technorati) however, I have noticed it on my own blogs just as of last night, and I say blogs because it is not just one I chked another and its the same.

    Since WP changed to Google Blog Search I had noticed I was getting more “redundant” (?) incoming links (links from my own blog) but now the entire “Incoming Links” section is missing from the dashboard. Did Google Blog Search change something or is the Wizard working behind the curtain over there at WordPress?

    I scan WordPress Planet on the dashboard usually several times a day trying to keep up with matters perhaps such as this but I havent noticed any announcements pertaining to any of this (?)

    Basically just curious it seems odd.


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  • update – I do have incoming links on a 3rd blog I just checked so the “incoming-links-not-showing-on-the-dashboard-phemonenon” is not consistent.

    Did I edit a published post once too many times too quickly / ping google too many times too fast and annoy the Google-God???

    or something???

    I have the same problem. But before the incoming links disappeared entirely, they kept reverting to old lists of links. New links disappeared first, then the entire section.




    Same problem here after upgrade to 2.6


    Yes, my incoming links no longer update after upgrading to 2.6



    How do you get rid of incoming links? On my dashboard, my site has suddenly attracted a rash of porn incoming links.

    I’m having problems too. I don’t like the Google Blog search – now all my incoming links are from splogs and other unacceptable sites. I don’t want them there.

    Jeremy Clark



    You can edit where the links come from. Just click the edit link next to the Incoming links section.

    The edit won’t save. I’ve tried doing that and changed it and then clicked on save and it just went back to what was already there.

    Same here. Is anything being done?

    No save for the edit here

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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