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  • Plugin Author Thad Allender


    Hello WordPressers!

    Sell Media version 2.1 includes some new features that we think you’re going to love:

    • Now supports WordPress Network/Multisite
    • Totally redesigned checkout experience. The new “Quick View” allows buyers to checkout fast from any page.
    • New shortcode for sorting images by date, popularity, collection, or keyword. Here is the page layout that it creates. Add this shortcode to a page to use it: [sell_media_filters]. See instructions for additional parameters.
    • We added a “Search Everywhere” checkbox to allow visitors to search titles, content, captions and keywords.
    • $0 prices creates a free download.
    • Auto page creation w/ shortcodes during activation
    • Default search to keywords only. This helps site owners optimize search results.
    • Add archive page template override back into theme. Usage: Copy sell-media/themes/archive.php into your active theme folder and rename it to archive-sell-media.php
    • Automatic updates for extensions.

    To see a full list of changes, please check the Changelog.

    Vote for features that you want us to build next by visiting the Sell Media Roadmap.

    Thanks for using Sell Media!

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  • Plugin Author Thad Allender


    The correct link to view the new “Filters” shortcode [sell_media_fiters] is here:


    You can read more about on this blog post:

    Introducing Filters – A New Way To Find Photos In Sell Media

    How do we install this since we cannot install plugins on WordPress anymore ?


    Great update. Seems faster overall. Sadly once again more bugs and annoyances. Every update there are issues and on working live bill paying sites this is wearing VERY thin.

    So here you go again. More bugs for fixing PLEASE.

    1. Since update the key words result in

    Nothing Found

    Sorry, but we couldn’t find anything that matches your search query.

    2. Searching results in NOTHING. Blank once again. No text asking to try again.

    3. Searching now does not work. Using keywords i know are there results in NOTHING.

    4. Not sure about AUTO plugin updates eitehr as they are mostly buggy. Can this be turned off.

    5. Clicking on keywords from widget on single item page results in a BLANK page.

    Please donot suggest I have to go through 1000 images and add more keywords to uploaded images vs the ones already added when publishing item.

    I’d rather PAY you annually for a team who actually does this right vs FREE and these silly bugs. Maybe its time to consider this?

    This is getting ridiculous.


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    I’m rolling back until this is fixed.

    Plugin Author Thad Allender



    Version 2.2.7 changes the way keywords are handled. When the plugin is updated (you have to do the auto-update via WP, not a manual file copy), a background process begins that moves keywords to the respective files in the media library. 10 files every minute are processed until all entries are completed. The way, the migration works on slow shared hosting web servers and for users with thousands on high resolution images. Chances are, you just needed to wait a little bit longer for the migration to complete. A lot depends on how many images you have in your library.

    If for some reason it still doesn’t work for you, email us and we’ll lend a hand.


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    Hey Thad,

    You have only answered 1 on the issues above. I’ll wait for the bugs to be fixed over the next few months then try again.

    Plugin Author Thad Allender


    Hi Paul,

    Questions 1, 2, 3, and 5 were all related to the same issue: Keywords did not migrate. While we couldn’t replicate your issue (nor did any beta testers report the issue), we did go ahead and add a secondary check in case keywords weren’t migrated during the plugin update process. There is now another check to ensure that the keyword migration happens 100% of the time. So, feel free to upgrade and wait a few minutes until the migration fully completes.

    There isn’t a way to disable the plugin update checks other than commenting out code. You can always test the updates on a locally hosted testing website before pushing the out to your main website. We do our best to catch issues before releasing updates. But given the size of the plugin, the many different server configs, WordPress configs, other plugins, and theme compatibility, it can be difficult.

    Thanks for letting us know about the keyword issue. Please confirm the update resolves it for you.

    Great. Bravely updated. Wish me luck!

    First issue. Searching keywords results in nothing found.

    “adventure photography” for example = NOTHING. No Text stating nothing found though (thought this had been fixed ages ago to ask you to try again??)



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    No reply. So here are the list of issues.

    1. Via clicking on keywords: Click on the images and it takes you to a blank page.

    2. Search results in NOTHING as outlines many time above. Search say beach.

    Any idea how to fix these major issues Thad?

    I’ll email you again.



    Update. You keep stating all the issues are not there and then bugs were all fixed in the last update.

    You really should be testing this plugin more before release.

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