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  • New to me any ways,
    much to my surprise,
    That TB in the admin bar was added by this plugin.
    It is little more than self promotion and doesn’t belong there.
    It confuses my clients who, when using their sites questioned me as to what and who is TB?
    solution, remove it.
    file: tb-testimonials.php
    line: 32
    replace this: require_once( ‘inc/tbar/tbar.class.php’ );
    with this: //require_once( ‘inc/tbar/tbar.class.php’ );

    And lets hope to convince the developer of the error of his ways.
    Please remove this advertising from your plugin.
    If it shows up again on any future update, we will have to write
    de-activation hooks to permanently remove it, regardless of reactivation.

    My rating will stay at 3 stars for the moment.

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  • I am not associated with this plugin in any way, however as an observer/user, the TBar promotional feature was added in version 1.6.2.

    There is also an option to disable it.

    Dashboard > Settings > TBar > tickbox that says ” Disable TBar”

    +1 to the author for style and ease. (in my opinion).

    Thread Starter Daiv Mowbray


    Hello ClaytonJames,
    Thanx for the tip, but that setting option wasn’t available on my client sites, (or I didn’t think to go looking for another options page).

    I do see the settings page on a clean install.

    All the same, the advertising isn’t needed, wanted nor good practice.
    Adding an options page to remove what shouldn’t be there to start with is silly.
    The deactivated advertisement option could have been put on any other settings page, like general settings for the testimonials.

    As a plugin developer with close to 10 years experience I would like to convey to this developer that he is mistaken in his approach.
    He can put all the information / self promotion he wants to , on the testimonials options and admin pages.

    Just my point of view, and I’m sticking to 3 stars.

    Plugin Author Travis Ballard


    Clayton is right (Thanks for the reply btw), TBar was added in 1.6.2 and I knew there was going to be some folks who didn’t like it, and I’m fine with that. It’s a free plugin and it’s a pretty good one in my opinion so a little bit of self promotion that you can easily turn off isn’t a bad idea. In fact I think it was a great idea because now you and your clients all know my name and what I do for a living.

    The reasoning for it being on it’s own settings page is because it’s actually a plugin itself and doesn’t depend on the testimonials plugin in any way. I include it with a lot of projects and plugins so the need for an independent options page was necessary for easier distribution and integration with future projects and plugins.

    I’ve also taken the liberty of creating a post on my website regarding this feature and the future of it but to be honest, you’re the second person to really make an issue out of it since it was launched in september so I’m not seeing a whole lot of reason to remove it at the moment.

    I appreciate you using the plugin and I hope that you will continue to use it even if you disable the TBar portion of it on your personal website and on your client websites.

    Travis Ballard

    Plugin Author Travis Ballard


    Just an update to this, TBar was removed in version 1.7 so there is no longer any shameless self promotion in the admin bar.

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