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  • I have just put up Trident a new improved 3 column template for WordPress users. Status is release candidate and untested. The template offers, three columns using a CSS 1 float positioning scheme, colored bgs for both menus which tile all the way down regardless of length and a fully formed footer and header. It is easy to install and can be restyled simply by the end user into any color or formatting scheme of choice without getting involved in any CSS positioning issues. All criticism – feedback welcome. If you are experienced does it work? If you are not is it useful? I hope this will prove – like the two column template – to be of some use to the WordPress Community. Best Wishes. Word Press Rocks !

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  • Any idea why the left menu’s content would get pushed to the bottom of the page on a permalink page in Internet Explorer? (not in Firefox from what I’ve seen)

    Okay, I’m testing this out on my test site: .. the database is screwy on there so if it gives you a db error, just reload. If you’re wondering why it says Mobile Police Intranet, it’s because I’m going to propose to my boss tomorrow that we make the police intranet a WordPress blog – let them get out hotsheets and whatnot easily in the cruisers. 😉

    Well I am certainly glad to see you are planning to be at the cutting edge of law enforcement. Looking at the set up now.

    Seems fine here in IE 6 . I cant identify the error you are referring to.

    odd.. I’m testing with IE6 too… hmm… now if only I could get them to use Firefox in the cars…
    I’ll play around and see if it repeats on other computers.

    Okay, it does it on the three PCs in this room…. all are at 1024×768, IE6.
    It’s when you click the permalink “Hello World” — the resulting page has the left menu pushed below the content.

    Hmmmmmmmm. Now you have left me thinking and worrying. But good luck and thanks for trying my Trident template. To my certain knowledge you may be the first. I will give you a *known user* link.

    I see it now. I know what you are you referring to and I am working on a fix. Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to point it out in the persistent way that you did. It shouldnt be too difficult to fix I hope ! I will post here when we are running smoothly again. Your input has been invaluable.

    Well tx. It may be nice when the glitch is ironed out 🙂

    CSS IE positioning glitch now fixed and commited. Thanks.

    Perhaps I can help you. On hover on the h1 there is a text jog. It is caused by the on hover being an underline. To fix it you might want to alter the on hover behaviour OR put a line in anyway in the normal state with the same color as the bg. Then just change color on hover. Prevents the jog. I am sure you knew that but other readers may not. Incidentally if you got the tiled bgs installed it would your presentation tomorrow a bit more er polished perhaps? Good luck anyway.

    Thanks for the tip — I just set it up to give my boss a rough idea of what I’m talking about. What do you mean by the tiled bgs?
    I was wondering what the best way to get the on hover thing fixed, so thanks. I have some more time at work tomorrow before I show him this. I’m pretty sure he’ll go for it, so I’ll post pictures of WordPress fighting crime in the cruisers when it goes up. 🙂

    Well one of the features of the design is the ability to have a background which comes all the way down to the footer on both sides regardless of length. You just need to make up a simple graphic of a colored image at 150px; wide and maybe 10px; high; save it as bg1.gif in wp-images.

    There.. looking nice for my presentation — thanks.

    Looking cool now. 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 35 total)
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