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  • I have just put up Trident a new improved 3 column template for WordPress users. Status is release candidate and untested. The template offers, three columns using a CSS 1 float positioning scheme, colored bgs for both menus which tile all the way down regardless of length and a fully formed footer and header. It is easy to install and can be restyled simply by the end user into any color or formatting scheme of choice without getting involved in any CSS positioning issues. All criticism – feedback welcome. If you are experienced does it work? If you are not is it useful? I hope this will prove – like the two column template – to be of some use to the WordPress Community. Best Wishes. Word Press Rocks !

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  • Nice one, Root. 🙂 Now I might have to try converting one of my installs over, just for the fun of it.
    I’m getting a very small horizontal scroll, is that supposed to be there? I am on Firefox, 800×600 at work.

    Depends how big your window is 🙂

    *claps with glee* Oooooh! I like it…. I might have to take it for a spin tonight and see if I can integrate it….. One question: Is the center Col fixed width, or is it possible to be fluid (I know that’s a dirty word, but I have my reasons.)

    This is fixed. As readers will know IE does not support max width at all. I might do an ems based flex width in the next phase but I am doing one thing at a time. If you can live fixed width but need it wider its pretty simple. Particularly to a guy of your skills 🙂 Tx. Root.

    Thanks Root… I’m not sure how quickly I’ll get around to using this (due to current lack of time) but I’m really glad this is available. I’ve been mulling over a switch to a three column design for some time now.

    You’re welcome.

    Looks good….it would be nice if the extra DIVs could be added to the regular WP index page template. It would make that darn CSS layout more intuitive. 🙂

    Well there is no need for the default index to be altered at all. It is now available atthe404 instead.

    I am all over this!! It renders just fine as is in Netscape 7.1. Using Ctrl-+/- to resize has a behavior unlike the other two behiviors I have seen ~ the calendar expands over the main col. With all other templates I have seen either 1) calendar gets ‘lopped off’; or 2) calendar expands into ‘alley’. I’m ok with this new way.
    I am going to load up a new copy of WP using this template right now & I’ll report back when I’m done. Thanks much!! ~ signed Big3ColFan

    Pleased to be of service. 😉

    How do you install a new template into a new WordPress installation?

    Who wants to tell him the background doesn’t load right in Safari? 😉
    (no y-repeat)

    Well I do not mind folks telling me stuff. If I ever find anyone using Safari I will let them know. In the meantime I might give it a tweak.
    @anon. Install instructions are on the template blog.

    That was me. Darn.

    Feedback on the Safari failure to repeat the bg.: This is a Safari glitch. It is not even a bug, it behaves very inconsistently across and between versions, and to my knowledge there is not yet a suitable hack. More broadly as far as possible I would like to keep this particular template at least mostly – hack free. In part that is so the code remains accessible and readable for inexperienced users. More advanced CSS devotees are free to hack my template any which way. Thanks for the timely *Browser variation report*.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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