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  • Completely revamped my accountancy website the other day.

    Do you think I have gone over the top with the flashy design? …for such a notoriously serious industry?

    The new site is based on HTML5 and CSS3 for the very latest in web technologies. Including features such as:

    • Ultra-responsive design to be mobile friendly
    • Parallax backgrounds
    • Multi-layer slider on the home page
    • A sticky menu that scrolls down as you do
    • Embedded google maps title background on the contact page
    • Case studies category animations
    • Rich Snippets mark-up for enhanced google listing appearance
    • AddThis Smart Layers sharing (floating on the left of each page – or along the bottom for mobile devices)
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • And lots of other goodies

    Would love to know what you think…

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Do you think I have gone over the top with the flashy design? …for such a notoriously serious industry?

    Well who are your audience, corporates that use legacy software like old browsers? Does your site work in IE8 for example?

    Hi Andrew. Good thought!

    Fortunately the business targets small to medium companies – none of which would have issues such as you mention.

    I know what you mean though – I have consulted at many large companies like government agencies that certify on really old tech and then never move.

    I like the theme, it’s great. It looks a bit stock theme like to me thought, especially with the stock photos you’re using. Maybe try to add a personal touch?

    Fantastic theme, though! Great fun playing around with the latest stuff 🙂

    Thanks John. Most of those I took the photos myself though, so not really stock! 🙂 The core theme is also heavily modified by myself in css etc so it’s brimming with personal touch – a little too much perhaps 😉

    LSB Web Design


    I feel there might be a bit too much going on with the homepage. Maybe simplify it and make the call to action stand out more.

    Yes, I am with you there – I have been wanting to simplify the home page for a while but struggling for ideas.

    Plus I am a little torn – google that loves lots of content but users prefer simplicity.


    LSB Web Design


    The section of text where you have GROW as large green letters could be reorganised as I glanced over this without paying attention to it. I actually think it’s a nice idea but from a users point of view I think others might overlook it.

    Maybe awards and accreditation could be moved to the footer and made smaller. The why us and Tax & Business Centre section could also be reorganised to look neater as I feel this might be what makes it feel too cluttered on the homepage.

    If it’s a choice of Google or users then choose users all day long. You can get all the traffic you like but at the end of the day Google won’t be buying your services. Google seems to be moving more towards user experience as well so in the long run it’s a win win situation.

    Thanks for the feedback – much appreciated.

    Thinking about having the best of both worlds and either using accordions to expand each piece of content – or tabs, such as:

    Then users can see the info if they want to see, and google still gets fed 🙂

    I will do some playing on my local dev env….

    I’d personally pull it back and make it look professional, without the flowers and the bold animation of the slider, the GROW (unless stylised) and have the images blending in with the background.

    Other than that, a good concept 🙂

    Compacted!! Please let me know if this is better?

    LSB Web Design


    I like that better. I’d probably move testimonials out of the tabs and have that below the new tabs section.

    I’m also not convinced with the image slider at the top. I don’t like how the images appear to move, it distracts from the actual content of the sliders and the rest of the page.

    Not a fan of Ken Burns – I will see what I can do. Check back in 5 🙂

    Done, does look less dizzying now…

    Thanks for all the suggestions – all of them either addressed, or registered in my brain to address for later!

    Front page does look look a lot better already 🙂

    LSB Web Design


    Yeah that looks better, also you’re kind of left waiting for the text to appear on the slider which is a bit annoying. If you can make that appear quicker instead of slowly being revealed it would improve the slider.

    I’d also recommend making all the slide transitions the same, either a slide or a fade usually works best. Most other transitions come across as gimmicky and since this is an accountancy site it’s best to avoid this if possible.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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