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New images not uploading after plugin upgrade

  • Hello, just updated to wp 3.7 and because I had not updated the nextgen plugin it caused a fatal error, which was fine, I just updated, but now, using the latest version of nextgen, I cannot upload new images to my galleries. I go to Add Gallery/Images, choose my gallery, add files, and start my upload. I get a message in the upper right corner of my dashboard that says “Upload Complete 0 files were uploaded”, so of course the upload isn’t complete, and no files are uploaded. Then of course when I go to view the gallery the new image is not there.


    WP 3.7 Latest version of Genesis sample child theme.


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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @senordeer – Would you be able to submit a Bug Report (http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/report-bug/) so we can help you sort out what might be going on with you site.


    – Cais.

    Howdy! Okay I did submit the bug report form, and what I decided to do was try to install the gallery on a clean, brand-new version of WP. So, I have this site: beta.livingwithlandyn.com, 2013 dfault theme, WP3.7.

    I have no other plugins running on this site. I had the same issue, and took a screenshot I can send as well of the message I am getting (Upload Complete, 0 images uploaded). I did notice that hovering to the left of my cursor is a message “Using runtime: html5).

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @senordeer – That would be great information to add to your Bug Report, please make sure to send a response to our last reply with those details and a link to the screenshot, too!


    – Cais.

    Hi, I have a similar problem. Except when I upload one image I do recieve the message ‘1 image successfully uploaded!’ (upper right corner) However, no images are actually being uploaded to my galleries. Nada. I’d like to resolve this asap. Very frustrating. I’m using wordpress 3.7.1, and nxtgen gallery 2.0.33

    Should I start a new thread for the issue I’m having? I’m new to the forum.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @teabaptism – what would actually be better is if you wouldn’t mind submitting a bug report so we can take a closer look at the upload issue you’re having. We should have improvements to uploads available in the next Beta and update: http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/report-bug/ . We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, we hope we can nail down why only some users are having issues uploading while others are uploading OK. Please reference this forum thread in your bug report and include login credentials if you don’t mind. (in bug report NOT in this forum thread). 🙂

    Thanks! (Becky)

    Thanks. I’ve just sent a bug report.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Thanks! We’ll carry on with troubleshooting there.

    – Cais.

    I am having the same problem with WordPress 3.6.1 and the latest version of the gallery.
    I have not uploaded images since next-gen gallery 1.9.3, but I have kept up with the updates. I have switched to the default twenty 13 theme and disabled plugins with no success.
    The nextgen software creates a new gallery but uploads 0 images either if I choose the files or drop them on the interface box. If I choose the “import folders” option I do not even see any folders. The old pictures are still there.
    I have deactivated the nextgen gallery plugin, deleted the files, and installed a fresh copy using the WordPress plugin installer. Still no difference.
    Do I need to go back to version 1.9.3? How do I move forward? I would not mind to buy the professional version, if the problems can be fixed.

    Hi folks,
    I’ve the same problem with the nextgen gallery plugin – upload isn’t working anymore 🙁
    I’m using WP 3.7.1 and Nextgen 2.0.33.

    Is there any ‘quick fix’ or ‘work around’ yet to come around this problem?

    Thx for any help and best regards from Vienna,

    Same problem here as everyone above. This has been an issue for quite a while now. I can’t believe it’s just now sprouting it’s ugly head.

    im having the same issue even in previous next gen version. it started when they moved to the html5 drag and drop upload. wish there’s an option to bring back the uploading the old way. flash or manual.

    I am having the same problem.
    I’m using wordpress 3.7.1 and nextgen gallery 2.0.33 too.

    Same Here

    I’m using wordpress 3.6.1 and nextgen gallery 2.0.33 too.

    I’m thinking about trying to do the roll-back to an earlier version of NextGEN Gallery.
    Anybody tried it?

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