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  • I’ve created a new plugin for WordPress called ‘Exhibit’ that will display a gallery of thumbnails that link to the original image.
    See it in use: here
    Download the code: here
    The announcement on my site: here
    There are a variety of methods that can be set for displaying the full image. I have selected the popup for my site, but you can also embed the image in a custom page or in the post itself!
    Exhibit can generate thumbnails for you if you have GD installed.
    Check out the screenshot on the download page, which shows how the Exhibit interface is embedded into the WordPress post editor.
    Exhibit is compatible with the table used by wp-whotos, so if you were using that before, this will retain your data and give you a little more functionality. (If you do this, be sure to use the table name ‘photos’ instead of the default ‘exhibit’.)
    Exhibit is WordPress 1.2 Plugin-compatible.
    If you try it, let me know what you think.

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  • Alright, I’ve hit another snag, I have EXIBIT working alright, as long as I use pop-ups etc., … what I WANT to do is display the photos INLINE when a thumb is clicked.
    I have <!--exibit--> in my index.php but when all is coded right in exibit10.php for inline display, the page reloads with the URI for the post and photo as PHP (instead of friendly url), but the page content doesn’t change at all.
    If I change the exibit10.php “suppress content” as this:
    //$suppress_content prevents the text content from being shown
    //when a full-sized image is displayed in the content area.
    $suppress_content = true;

    Then if a thumnail is clicked the full image shows up in “place of” the text of the post … but also the other thumbnails disappear, and there is no navigation to either the full text post nor the other thumbnails.
    What I want is for the full photo to show up above the line of thumbnails, which would be right below the text content of the post.
    How is that done if doing this following code doesn’t work {as it’s shown to be under: 4) Display inline
    When you click a thumbnail, the full image appears within the post
    content in place of the comment: <!--exhibit-->
    $thumbnail_popup = false;
    $embedded_image = '';
    $suppress_content = false;

    Is there anything different that should be coded? I’m continuously playing with this now, and nothing will get the photo to display inline with content still there. 🙁

    One request…Would it be possible to have multiple images selected for preview? Instead of having a radio button select one thumbnail on the main page, could there be check boxes to have up to X number of thumbnails?

    How would you arrange them before the more? Would they all appear in a right-floated div vertically?
    I can certainly try to allow this option if you tell me more about how you would want it to display.
    One thing I was thinking of doing is adding a filter to it that would let you display an indexed photo by inserting a comment. For example, < !--exhibit:thumb:3 -- > would display the third thumbnail, or < !--exhibit:image:3 -- > would display the third full-sized image.
    You could then do something crazy in your post like:
    `blah blah blah
    < !–more– >
    < !–exhibit:nothumbs– >
    < !–exhibit:nopreview– >
    < !–exhibit:image:1– >
    < !–exhibit:caption:1– >
    < !–nextpage– >
    < !–exhibit:image:2– >
    < !–exhibit:caption:1– >
    < !–nextpage– >
    < !–exhibit:image:3 — >
    < !–exhibit:caption:3– >’
    Very granular, but not the default.
    Also, I might change the behavior of clicking the thumbnail in the editor so that it inserts the appropriate thumbnail image tag along with a link to the correct viewing page. Kind of brainstorming, here.

    Weird… People are actually testing this thing…
    I’ve tested the inline display, and it works just fine for me. I should note that the HTML comment < !--exhibit-- > should not have spaces in it. (This forum will not display the code without the spaces.) See it working here. If you view the source of the page before you click a thumbnail, you’ll see the exhibit comment in the place where the full-sized image will appear.
    The exhibit_full.php page has some extra stuff in it that you probably don’t need which is causing your errors. I put it there to illustrate some of the additional possibilities when using an external page to view the images. Your server does not have the EXIF extension installed for PHP. This extension extracts EXIF data that is embedded in JPEGs by digital cameras about things like date, shutter speed, light balance, and junk like that there.
    You can fix the exhibit_full.php page by removing the line exhibit_exif_info('IFD0.Model') from it. This would normally display the camera model used to take the picture. Passing no parameter to this function would display a list of all available entries for that photo. I will have to add a check for this extension in the next release of Exhibit so that it doesn’t create errors if you don’t have the extension.
    If you want a clean popup page that resizes to nothing but the full image size, then try this one, which I swiped from a place that I can unfortunately no longer remember:
    Note that clicking the above page link will probably resize your browser really small, since there is no picture specified. Put this file in your WP root, and set your popup page in the exhibit configuration using this code:
    $popup_page = '/popup.htm?';
    If I could see an example of the popups not working from the regular permalinks, that would be helpful. Or, if that’s not possible, can you transcribe both of the URLs that your page presents? I’ll need both the permalink and the view more link for the same post to compare them.
    Also, I found the MySQL bug that appears in the thumbnail area of the editing interface. It only occurs when you use the Advanced editor by default, which I wasn’t doing. It’ll be fixed in the next release.
    Thanks a lot for helping to test. I think I need to improve the documentation a bit to clarify the use of some of these things, especially the inline full-size images. I also have a list of cool new ideas to implement. Hopefully, I’ll get to them this week.

    the only thing i would be concerned with (i dont know for sure) is what javascript commands are filtered by pop-up blockers these days. i’d hate for your stuff not to be seen simply because someone has google toolbar installed.
    i myself dont have any installed here at work .. but i’d be interested to hear from people that do.

    Boy, you’ve been busy. 🙂
    I was hesitant to include any script that opens the documents on any newly created windows (using because I was sure it didn’t work in one browser or another, so I tested it. As it turns out, it doesn’t work in Opera. I imagine that there might be difficulty on Mac browsers, too.
    I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to change the code so that it only used the method for Mozilla and IE, and other browsers could use something else. But what else?
    It looks like you have the popups working well from the permalinks now, which is good.

    I’m concerned about JS and Popup Blocking too. My wish would be for a robust script or solution in EXHIBIT that made it all downgrade such as:
    Popup photos autosize for all browsers which allow popups autosized.
    or else:
    exhibit_full.php is used when thumbnail clicked … automatically dependant on whether or not popup or JS working.
    Or there may be a good PHP autosizing window code, but I haven’t found it. In any case, that would be good for all allowing Popups only … as I’d like to not bother people that don’t like popups. I like popups for photos, but NOT the kind with ads in them 😉
    I’ve just now tested my posts with that popup script and using IE6 with the netscape popupblocker toolbar turned on, the pictures all popup nicely, no blocking.
    In mozilla Firefox I have pop up blocking turned on, and the photos popped up fine, weren’t blocked.
    Hmmm. Fine action for me, as I said, I don’t like ads, that’s why I use Popup blocking, to get rid of Popup Ads. I guess that’ll bother someone or other. But not me.

    Two requests: Having dynamically-resized popups would be great and a random preview photo on the homepage for each gallery post.

    I can have Exhibit throw all of the preview thumbnails into a div, each of them individually in their own div, with a “view more…” link inside the outer div. You can style it how you like. Sound good?
    I could add a configuration option that lets you choose to use multiple preview images, or I could just make this the default. Hmm… Have to think on that one.

    If I click Make Thumbnails in the post page, would it create thumbnails for all images in the images folder or only for those images whose thumbnails have not been created yet (i.e. skipping the images for which a thumbnail was already create by the same script earlier)?

    It currently rebuilds all thumbnails in the directory according to the settings in the configuration.

    That’s not good. Imagine the kind of server resources this honey will eat if there were 100’s of images and only one of them needed a new thumbnail. Better fix this.

    Hmm… Maybe. I suppose I can make it so that individual images can have their thumbnails built by clicking on an exclusive link.

    I like the idea of the div within a div. Seems to me that it could use the same code for both one and/or multiple thumbnails.. if there is just one preview image, it wouldn’t come out any different would it?

    Im having problem getting this to work.
    I’m only getting this:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: add_action() in /www/w19577/www-root/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/exhibit10.php(159) : eval()’d code on line 1

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