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  • I’ve created a new plugin for WordPress called ‘Exhibit’ that will display a gallery of thumbnails that link to the original image.
    See it in use: here
    Download the code: here
    The announcement on my site: here
    There are a variety of methods that can be set for displaying the full image. I have selected the popup for my site, but you can also embed the image in a custom page or in the post itself!
    Exhibit can generate thumbnails for you if you have GD installed.
    Check out the screenshot on the download page, which shows how the Exhibit interface is embedded into the WordPress post editor.
    Exhibit is compatible with the table used by wp-whotos, so if you were using that before, this will retain your data and give you a little more functionality. (If you do this, be sure to use the table name ‘photos’ instead of the default ‘exhibit’.)
    Exhibit is WordPress 1.2 Plugin-compatible.
    If you try it, let me know what you think.

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  • a copy of exhibit10.php that i’ve modified to validate can be found here
    — michael

    Just wondering, how to create sub-folders under the images folder so as to arrange the photos/thumbnails better. I can’t seem to find any way of creating subfolders and uploading images to different sub-folders from the admin interface.
    Thanks and yeah a great plugin!

    You have to FTP in and create the directories/upload the images within the “images” folder. You are correct, there is nothing in the admin section to create sub folders… yet… ::cough::but sure would be nice ::cough::

    Note: the “validated” file you gave still doesn’t validate. You can’t have ampersands in the URLS without using the & character. If you just have an ampersand, then the validator expects it to be the beginning of a special character, and it produces errors.

    If one were to craft a way in which one might create new directories or allow the deletion of thumbnail files, what WordPress permission might one like that to be tied to? A minimum user level?
    Also, validation looks pretty good in this, xircom, except you missed one input tag. I corrected that in my source, and will include it in my next release.
    As far as ampersands go, they’re prefectly legal in URLs, as long as you’re using them like you’re supposed to – to separate parameters. I sent the pages that Exhibit modifies to the validator, and they all work pretty well. At least, no errors having to do with ampersands. Actually in what I have here, there are two validation errors in the WordPress source, which makes it less valid than what code Exhibit is producing. 😉

    ringmaster: “If one were to craft a way in which one might create new directories or allow the deletion of thumbnail files, what WordPress permission might one like that to be tied to? A minimum user level?”

    I think its feasible to just have the admin (level 10) manage the directory creation and thumbnail deletion. This plugin is great in that it allows a gallery integration of sorts but it still lacks in adequate gallery management.

    What sorts of features would better enable gallery managemenr? I’ll consider them for addition to my next release.
    One thing I am thinking about adding is a Gallery-like feature that will allow you to upload a zip file of images. The plugin will automatically unzip all of the photos into a directory, resize the originals according to your preferences, and create their thumbnails. The PHP upload size limit might cause issues here, but that’s my general plan. I’m also planning on including a new uploading doo-dad that lets you pick/create sub directories for uploading.
    All of this is relevant to security because you might want a user with a lower level to have upload access like this.

    i dont know how the wordpress levels translate into file permissions, but given these are simply image files a chmod of at least 775 would be nice, so that we can delete them from sources outside of the WP interface.
    sorry about the input field *blush*…
    sounds like you have some cool plans for this plugin … i look forward to seeing them.
    — Michael

    Sweet plugin man! This is exactly what I was hoping for in a WordPress gallery plugin. Excellent job!
    One nice little addition would be to have the ability to add small captions to the images while adding them to a post. Right now the captions all get set to ©2004, it’d be neat to be able to change that when posting.
    And the ability to create subdirectories would rock too, but that’s already been mentioned.
    Thanks again for a great plugin!

    ummm….you CAN change that … just type what you want in the little box next to the thumbnail …
    — Michael

    Holy crap, I’m a moron. Thanks xircom.

    nah … i’ve only met a few REAL morons in my short life. it took me a while to pay attention and realize you could change the text. it took me even longer to figure out that the preview option is what puts a photo in post on the main page. ; )
    — michael

    I don’t have GD on my server, so can I use this?
    I have installed this plugin as stated in the directions, and when I put photos in my images folder I can see them in the advanced edit portion for EXIBIT of an existing post, but I can’t make anything happen.
    I have uploaded my own thumbnails into a sub-folder called “t” with the photos having the same exact names as the thumbnails.
    In any case, I can’t anything to happen when I click “add current directory” the page just slowly reloads. In the “exibit” box it just says “no images …”
    Is this standard if I don’t have GD on my server? I thought it would be possible to manually upload thumbs, and I sure wish I could, this looks to be a plugin I’d like to use. So, is there a hack for this plugin to make it use thumbs already in existence?
    If that’s already possible is it that my directory name should be different? Here is what I have on my site:
    Example would be I have original photo in “birds” as below, and thumbnail with same name in “t” as below.
    So is there a change in the above I should make?
    Is there a hack to put into exibit10.php somewhere to make the above work?
    Or is there something else that could be happening that is making my install of EXIBIT plugin not work? Any thoughts on this welcomed!

    georgianlady: I’ve tried Exhibit with my GD disabled, and it works fine if the thumbnails are already there. There might be other features disabled in your PHP that are keeping it from working properly. As far as what you’ve written, it looks like it should work.
    Debugging the post page is very difficult because of how it’s constructed to return a result quickly, rather than waiting for everything to commit to the database. Is there some other plugin you have installed that acts on posts when you post them?
    I would be happy to work on this with you off-board if you want (and I’m available, which is the tough part), just drop me an email. ringmaster[at]midnightcircus[dot]com or AIM: RngMstrOW

    Thanks for the help ringmaster. I just starting playing around with it again, and finally just reloaded all the EXIBIT files and retried it all. Finally I found that something on my computer or on the server renamed my thumbnails making the “P” a small “p” and that made everything go funky, so it seemed to be a two-fold problem of some kind.
    Basically, I was uterly confused as well when I found that renaming all my thumbs to “thumb-” in front of the regular name, and putting a copy of that in the “t” folder as well as a copy of each thumb into the same directory as the main photos, then EXIBIT recognized it all, but not the main photos … 😉
    So that told me to keep plugging away, something had to work. My server had messed my photos up, and it had something to do with the “make” feature in EXIBIT, when I clicked that yesterday to see if anything at all would happen … oi.
    If that sounds confusing, just know that it’s all working fine now!
    And for you others that may have problems:
    Upload your photos into your images folder in a new directory: put your thumbs with the SAME EXACT NAME as the full size photos in a folder inside that named “t”. (make a new directory inside of “images” for your photos, to sort them well, by date and subject, for instance) This is the manual way to do it, I do it with SFTP, so however you use a utility to upload onto your site, that’ll work.
    If it doesn’t work. Try deactivating the plugin and reloading all the files.
    All of the above was messed up at more than one time, causing my frustration. I’m usually very techy about stuff, so it was very frustrating to feel so dumb with this 😉

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