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  • I’ve created a new plugin for WordPress called ‘Exhibit’ that will display a gallery of thumbnails that link to the original image.
    See it in use: here
    Download the code: here
    The announcement on my site: here
    There are a variety of methods that can be set for displaying the full image. I have selected the popup for my site, but you can also embed the image in a custom page or in the post itself!
    Exhibit can generate thumbnails for you if you have GD installed.
    Check out the screenshot on the download page, which shows how the Exhibit interface is embedded into the WordPress post editor.
    Exhibit is compatible with the table used by wp-whotos, so if you were using that before, this will retain your data and give you a little more functionality. (If you do this, be sure to use the table name ‘photos’ instead of the default ‘exhibit’.)
    Exhibit is WordPress 1.2 Plugin-compatible.
    If you try it, let me know what you think.

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  • Does it resize the full-size images on upload or only create thumbnails?

    This version only creates thumbnails of directories of existing images.
    The next version will optionally resize full-sized images when they’re uploaded.

    If it matters to you, you might want to double-check your XHTML compliance and see what can be done to get closer to it. Nice photos BTW! 🙂

    I have been trying to get thumbnails to work with no effect since I installed WP 1.2.
    (more than a week ago)
    When I upload a pic and ask for a thumbnail I get the errore message:
    “Filetype not supported. Thumbnail not created”
    No matter how hard I try, jpg, gif, jpeg, makes no difference, I haven’t been able to ovecame this.
    I must miss the obvious, perhaps some enabling code but how does it work?
    Can anybody shed some lite?

    added the plugin (great idea!) and can add pictures. however, the thumbnail doesnt show up in the post until you look at the comments.
    — michael

    i poked through your exhibit10.php and your validation issues stem from a few (5-7, dont remember the exact number) instances of image tags not being close ( /> ). I fixed it in my own copy of the file, but you may want to sort through and fix those few lines for other users.
    i successfully validated after uploading the corrected file.
    — michael

    figured out how to get the images displayed on my main page, but i found out the thumbnail sizes i chose (default of 160px) was simply too large. if i dont have enough text in a post, the preview overlaps into other posts.
    the problem lies in the fact that when the thumbs are created, they are done so with 664 permissions as ‘nobody’ for the owner. i cannot change the permissions using my actual account name.
    the plugin does not have any option for deleting the thumbs from the ‘edit’ page and it does not give you the option to create thumbs unless it sees new images without thumbs.
    see the problem yet? i want to make smaller thumbs for a couple of test images i have uploaded… but i cant delete the larger thumbs … and i can’t recreate/overwrite new ones for older ones.
    i’ll keep testing 😀 — Michael

    i added a new image and created a thumbnail, seems to have dynamically resized the other images as well … i would still like the option to delete them should i choose to.
    — michael

    Very nice plugin. One issue I’ve seen is that before I add any images to a particular post, I get this error:
    Database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 1]
    SELECT * FROM wp_exhibit WHERE post_ID = ;
    No images…
    It seems to be cosmetic only…I can add images to the post, and then everything works correctly.
    Thanks for the contribution!

    Hey Xircom,
    I was having the same problem as you with not being able to delete the thumbnails that it created. I discovered that with the filemanager plugin (check the wiki) I was able to delete the files one at a time. I’m guessing that on our ISP’s servers, the scripts run as a different username than the one our account is under. Permissions seemed to be 644, which means that only the owner has write access.

    thanks for the tip global guy, i’ll give that a try.
    I’m ready to send ringmaster, just need an e-mail addy. 🙂
    — Michael

    this is nice ! – any way you can have these images display in an actual post instead of the bottom of the page ??

    Great plugin!
    Would have been more easier if the images to be included in the post were selectable from a single list with thumbnails instead of two lists (one with image thumbnails and the other all images in folder listing, as is now).

    This looks good in Mozilla and Opera (though it has some validation issues). However, the pictures don’t show up at all in IE6. I haven’t changed any of the options or the code, and the links still exist where the images should be. I’m guessing this is a CSS issue.

    I seem to have found the problem. It had to do with the fact that I had a background attribute specified for my #content div. Fortunately, that attribute was redundant (I had the same background defined in #rap), so I was able to delete it, but this could be a problem. According to the document structure, this shouldn’t be a problem. My guess is that it has something to do either with validation or with the fact that the exhibit stuff uses a separate CSS file.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 63 total)
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