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  • Ok I don’t know how to write PHP but whoever does and whoever wants to make a kick ass plugin would have an easy job if they looked at this, it’s another weblog software that has an inbuilt image upload thing … it also has an option to have a open image in pop up exact fit window from either a text or thumbnail image in your post, the thumbnail is cool too as it is a segment of the image.

    this is the software
    this is a website that uses that software

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  • TikiWiki also has a really good image-upload capability… You get a form to upload an image, and its almost done in an Ajax maner, so you get the image code inserted into your post from the same page that you upload the image from…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    If memory serves, someone asked here a while ago about an image upload script, and in the end paid a coder to create what was needed.
    You could search the forums hard for that thread then contact the person who did the paying,
    Or do the same search and enquire a price with the original coder
    Or just post offering cash for what you want.

    Not the answer you wanted maybe, but it’s almost a guaranteed way to grab a coders attention.

    B2Evolution has the upload and insert code code as well.
    I was more thinking that having a thumbnail insterted which link to an exact fit pop up or expands the post to show a full image was a little bit more ingenuitive.
    And as there already exists the correct code to do this in other php based blogware I was kinda hoping that someone who likes making plugins would like to hack something together ripping off all the other code.

    I’m pretty sure this plugin does what you’re looking for.

    I want to use ecto but seems that for WP1.5 i am having problems with image upload using ecto and image browser plug-in is still limited

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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