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  • Hi there…
    I would like to show an icon beside every category link when a new post is submitted there in the last 2 days.
    In fact I created a template with some categories excluded from the main template loop, so I’d like to highlight them in some way…
    I’ll be grate if someone could give me some suggestions.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • whooami



    mm, thats a great idea for a plugin 🙂




    I actually accomplished this. It wasnt an easy task though, and I’ve not pluginized it. It could manage it, I suppose, if theres enough of a want.

    You can see an example in my category list @

    Hello there, I see that there hasn’t been any more replies on this, but I’d be VERY interested to know how you accomplished the “new” icon in your category list.

    I’m really not even interested in it being a plugin if you could give me the code and the details.


    – Aaron

    That is really cool. I would also be interested.




    I hacked up the core 🙂 You REALLY want to do that? 😛

    Whooami: I would be able to help you turn it into a plugin if you’re interested even if you actually hacked the core, would you mind sending me the files that you hacked, I’ll give you credit off course.

    Send the files in a zip to martin[dot]hipp[at]gmail[dot]com

    ooooh, yes. That would be really great!

    Would be nice if there was a corresponding image/icon for the Post also (*hope,hope*)

    Glad to see there’s new life for this! 🙂 Keep us posted, and yes, I wouldn’t mind hacking the core if nothing else…heck, I’ve already hacked it up enough.




    I am in the middle of completing another related plugin so the best I can say is that when Im done with that, I will *look at* pursuing the other.

    I’ll be honest though and say that I have always been hesitant to publiize the code. THAT has been one feature of my site that I’ve not wanted to share simply because it’s quite customized, works perfectly for me, and is, most importantly, unique.

    If I give away all the backend things that make my site mine, its no longer mine.

    I obviously wouldnt object to anyone else figuring it out and publicizing it .. but Im not sure I want to.

    Again, when Im done with this next plugin, (by next weekend), I’ll consider this.

    martinhipp, thanks but no thanks. My problem isnt with how to turn it into a plugin. 😛

    In the meantime, I’ll point out that alex kings “since last visit” plugin could prolly do something very similar with a little modification. That ought to atleast get ppl thinking about alternate sources.

    That’s alright

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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