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    Hi there,

    I recently changed the hosting and I need to update the WP backend. As of now, the content is replicated on both hosts as I want to make sure the new one works before removing the old content. The new wp-config.php file has been updated accordingly, and I hope correctly.

    Now, the DNS propagation has gone through, but I see some weird behavior and cannot log in. The wp-admin page loads some upgrade widget that tells me that no upgrade is required, clicking on continue seems to log me out. Wp-login used to log me into the old site, and now that I’ve changed the URL in General Settings, it does the same as wp-admin. So basically, I cannot access my content ‘from inside’ and the questions are:

    (1) Does the above seem like I did something wrong and what might it be?

    (2) Is there a way to make changes by editing php files directly, via FTP or ssh? I will need to change all the old absolute links to the new ones, but even though I’ve installed the Velvet Blues plugin, I cannot use it because my access to Dashboard is blocked.

    Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  • The problem was in the .htaccess file, which was messed up for some unknown reason. Replacing it with the usual file led to fixing of the problem.

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