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  • hi,
    we are moving to a new host, and i’ve already done the steps given on this page:

    but still, i can’t seem to make it work… it would always say “Error establishing a database connection”, but everything is right – database, wp-config.php, and all the files.
    we are using the temporary address(IP) for the new host. Could this cause the problem…?

    thanks for all your help… have a nice day

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  • I’d say it’s got something to do with the config.

    Re-check your wp-config database passwords, username, location (localhost, remotemysqlhost, etc). Have you given the user access to the database? It’s always the simple stuff that gets us, every time!

    The temporary IP address shouldn’t matter.

    Good luck,

    you were right, it got something to do with wp-config… we had to change the DBHOST. the reason MAYBE was that we are using a temporary address that’s why we couldn’t connect to the databese and so we had to change the “localhost” to the address of our database server ( a very smart/intelligent person i know figured it out! 🙂 )

    thanks so much Jag. we really appreciate it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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