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  • I just moved my blog ( from GoDaddy to Rackspace. The domain name did not change. Although the site is now up, many things are missing. Here’s what I can determine so far:

    –All links are missing (meaning official “Links” I create in WordPress, for things like a Blogroll; links in the text of posts seem to be working).
    –All categories and tags are missing.
    –Some, but not all, posts are missing. I haven’t determined a pattern. The number is roughly 200 out of 800 total posts missing, including everything from August.
    –Featured image thumbnails are missing. Some time ago I had used the plugin “Regenerate Thumbnails” to create larger 120×240 thumbnails for all my posts. What I see now is that many posts are missing thumbnails, and those that have them have the original 150×150 size.

    In the process of attempting to fix this issue, I have looked at the database entries in phpMyAdmin, and I see references to some of the missing posts. Similarly, there is a database of links that contains all my missing links. I also know from watching the FTP client work that the larger thumbnails copied over. So the content seems to be there, somewhere, but it’s not putting 2 + 2 together.

    Sorry if this has been answered. I’ve looked for it, but many people seem to have issues where they changed the domain or moved from to, or something slightly more complex (IMO). I just copied the files over and altered the wp-config.php file for the new database name and expected things to work, but they clearly aren’t.

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  • Update: Forgot to add that there are some errors in the log file. Here’s one of them, verbatim:

    6/852026/ on line 21
    [18-Aug-2013 00:03:35 America/Chicago] PHP Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/mnt/target06/852026/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php’) in /mnt/target06/852026/ on line 21

    I’m not sure if it matters that I moved from GoDaddy, where my files were stored in the root folder “/”, to a Rackspace Cloud Site, where files are stored in “/”. But this seems like the most likely explanation. Still not sure how I would go about fixing it, or why it affects only some parts of my site (e.g., why do the posts still show up but not the links and tags, or why do some but not all posts show up?)

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