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  • I had an old Joomla site hosted by my old web host. Recently I discovered WordPress and decided that I would create a brand new WP site using my old domain for the old Joomla site.

    First, I had to transfer my domain to my dreamhost as it was a friend who registered it for me back when I had even less computer skills (if that’s possible). That was successful.

    Next, I activated hosting in dreamhost and did a quick install of WP.

    The install is showing that it worked but the problem I am having is that the set up and login for the new WP is bringing up a 404 error msg, and, the Joomla site I wanted to deactivate is still up and running. I do not need any files from the old site so I just want it gone so that I can work on the new WP site.

    Help anyone?

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  • you will need to actually remove your joomla files from the root then install the wordpress.. your hosting provider may help you fix this issue if they have their support team to do it for you.

    first thing to check if the domain name is using the Dreamhosts DNS (Domain Name Servers) – if not you’ll need to set it to point to them:


    This should fix the issue. If the DNS is already as above, then it may be another issue. However from what you’ve stated it sounds like a DNS problem.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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