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  1. webcabbie
    Posted 6 years ago #

    O.k. First wordpress is great!

    These are the problems I am having thus far

    1) http://reveretaxi.com is pretty much set up the way that I want to set up my other 53 domains. Is there a simple and easy way to copy the format I have here to the other wordpress installs I have without physically going into each dashboard and adding the pages? Can I just copy some files with ftp or..no? For a better example look at http://reveretaxi.com and see the drop down menus. I would want those same menus on http://southietaxi.com

    2) Adsense..

    I installed an adsense plugin but can,t get it working. Any help? This is really important ! I was counting on taking in enough off of adsense to pay for the domains every year.. 600.00 a year isnt an insane expectation for adsense I guess right?

    3) The order a cab form

    Ill need to know how to get that working.

    4)RSS FEED Plugin?

    It would be great if some content got added to the sites without me doing much of anything. Ill have to research this but.. any advice you can offer would be appreciated. Id like to get rss feeds from different locations for different pages.

    5) AIO SEO I`m not sure I have configured it properly any way someone could make some suggestions?

    6) Can anyone recommend some more plug ins widgets that would add function?

  2. webcabbie
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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