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  • I have created a small plugin if you want a guestbook/tagwall on your wordpress powered blog… It was developed for my sisters site… Read all this and much more at this post: New WP plugin: RumWall

    Download: here

    Note that this is for 1.5+ only… 1.2 wp blogs isnt supported…

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  • Weeee, didn’t look at the plugin, but the header flashing cells are fun 🙂

    I have installed it. Look’s nice.
    Only problem i have is that it not works fine with my template.
    But i’m a newbie about wordpress, so i have to figure out first how to install the template human……( forget the name)

    Here’s my ‘wall’

    Sorry, totally forgot the layout stuff… You can style the items in your stylesheet with these identifiers and containers…

    #rumwallform input.styled, #rumwallform textarea {


    #rumwallform table {


    #rumwallbtn {


    #rumwallform textarea {


    #rumwall div.wallcontent {


    #rumwall div.wallheader {


    #rumwall div.wallheader a {


    Hope that helps macmouse…

    Not yet, first i have to figure out how it works with the stylesheets, then i can i try it.
    But for now i love, so you thank you verry much for this plug-in, and also for the gallery, that works fine already…

    Tested it in a test on my testblog on a testversion of wp 1.5 :), and it’s working very nice! I have to adjust the layout to fit my weblog, but it’s very easy to use the wall.php as an include in my index.php file. I really like it. I’m just waiting for a few minor changes in the rumGallery plugin and a number of images I still have to collect and modify to fit into the rumGallery before I put them up on my official weblog.

    My compliments and thanks for the work you’re doing here Dan.

    Hey all. I don’t really understand much about WordPress, but I belive that I did everything right, but this plugin wont work.

    When acessing, I get this error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘.’, expecting ‘)’ in /home/bits/public_html/bitaites/wall.php on line 24

    What can be wrong? Also, I have Activated the plugin, but I can’t see where to configure it.

    Thanks a lot.

    Are you using (the officialy not yet released) version 1.5? Because otherwise it won’t work. Also not forget to put the other files in the wright directories.

    Dan: Is this plugin vulnerable to spam, just like with commentspam?

    uhm a parse error… doesnt sound good… could you make a copy of the wall.php into a file called wall.phps, so i can se what might have been wrong in your case?

    And you will need to use version 1.5+ (a nightly build) of wordpress to make use of the plugin…

    Moxie (Hi jack, hehe):
    I have implemented some of the spam functions as are “builtin” into wordpress… I have applied filters so spam filters subscribing to these events will trigger and handle the tag-wall too… Im using spam-karma myself on my blog, but it is built-up in such a way that it couldnt be used unless i used the comment database table for storing the tags, and for now, Im not…

    Maybe I should contact the author of spam-karma and make some of the functionality content based and not so “comment-based”… 🙂


    First of all it’s a great little plugin. Was easy to install but got one problem when I implement it to my current design and one smaller challenge.

    1. When i click on “drop tag!” and write in a message then everything work just fine. But when i click “taq it” i get this error message (the message do appear on the site though):
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /hsphere/local/home/samdesign/ in /hsphere/local/home/samdesign/ on line 37

    Guess it got something to do with my get_header or something but can’t find out how to solve the problem.

    2. When people write in a URL in “Website” they have to add http:// first, if not the URL won’t work properly from the message. Most people will forget to write that first, is it possible to add to the script that http:// is added if the visitor doesn’t add it?

    URL to my guestbook is:

    URL to the code of my guestbook is:

    All help is appreciated. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Sean,

    $offset = (int) $_GET['offset'];
    $wall = new RumWall($offset);
    if (isset($_POST['sub']))
    $author = trim(strip_tags($_POST['author']));
    $email = trim(strip_tags($_POST['email']));
    $url = trim(strip_tags($_POST['url']));
    $content = trim(strip_tags($_POST['content']));
    if (strlen($author) > 0 && strlen($content) > 0)
    if ($wall->SaveTag($author, $email, $url, $content))
    header("location: wall.php");

    Take this and paste right after:

    <?php /* Don't remove this line. */ require('./wp-blog-header.php'); ?>

    Then it will work…

    2. When people write in a URL in “Website” they have to add http:// first, if not the URL won’t work properly from the message. Most people will forget to write that first, is it possible to add to the script that http:// is added if the visitor doesn’t add it?

    Yeah Ill note that for next release 🙂

    Thanks a million Dan … both for your plugin and quick reply which made it work :-).

    Anytime tavarish…

    I regognize your name and mail from some comments spam-karma have set to moderation on my blog… So I guessed you tried to post there as well 🙂

    Hi there, could a wonderful person post a copy of the plugin source? It seems the download link at is returning a 404.

    I uploaded it on my site so you can get it from there for now:

    Will remove it as soon as I see that’s download link is up and working again.

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