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  • Hello, im Emma. I a graphic designer looking to go full time. Im currently fluent in the graphics portion of design but really want to dive into learning to code websites as well. I think having both skills ets can be very beneficial and there seems to be a demand for that around my area.

    Im working with a client right now to re-brand her photography business (im a former photographer myself) and were are working on her wordpress blog. I have been through a whole slue of themes trying to find the right one for my knowledge level. Here are my questions for you season pros out there:
    1. What is the most functional and easily updated (by the client, later on) theme out there in your opinion. (My goal is to find a theme and purchase a developers license to produce client sites with it)

    2. Since I am learning as i go, the current woo theme (premium news – free) i am customizing is taking me an extremely long time to go through and get it right. I love the theme itself but im wondering if i should stick with something that is easier to customize without knowing a ton of code right now, like maybe Headway? Or should i just stick with a theme like woo that requires heavy code updating (since i need such a large amount of customizations) so that i can learn it now…?

    3. What are your recommendations for learning these things…youtube? a “for dummies” book? 🙂

    Im open to any and all suggestions! Like i said, im new to this, so…Teach me Obi-Wan!

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    If you purchase a theme, it will not be supported here. Generally, premium themes have their own support — but check that out before you commit yourself to anything. There are MANY really nice themes available from the theme repository here and there is no reason to look elsewhere for most people. You can customize all the themes here as much as you want.

    There is definitely a learning curve with coding, especially with PHP. HTML and CSS are a bit easier, though there is still much to learn when you start out. There are tons of good resources online, excellent books. Online classes can also be very useful, depending on your learning style and self-discipline.

    Probably using a “current” theme that is widely used (the download numbers show on the themes page) is the best way to go for a number of reasons. Some themes are designed for a lot of customization which might also be what you want.

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