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    I’ve been using ATB+ for months without any problems but lately (maybe due to the latest WP version update?) I’m having problems with the plugin. When I insert individual images in a post (not galleries), once the thumbnails are clicked to expand, they are opened in a gallery with all the other previously posted individual images since this problem start (e.g. viewing image 1 of 8). You have to click (to advance) thru all 8 images before you can click to close the last one (or click the X to close anytime of course).

    Very odd that this only happens when you view the single images in a post via the home page. If click on the link for the post to view it directly (not threaded with all the other posts), the problem does not exist). Any ideas? I’ve also been experiencing an intermittent bug/glitch using galleries as well lately and I’ve been using ATB+ for months now, never with any problems before. Maybe a conflict with the latest WP update, which made changes to image galleries? (btw- I tried re-installing both WP 3.5.1 as well as ATB+).

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  • Disregard, issue resolved. About the only setting I didn’t try changing before in ATB+ was the very first setting, from “Gallery Images” which I’ve been using for almost a year without any issues, to the “Single Image” setting, which in the past, would open each image, even gallery images, in it’s own page. For some reason, the galleries now display properly in ATB+ (with the click for next/back/last buttons active) while single images also display properly.

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