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  • I made the gallery on my page into plugin, that i’d like to share with you..

    some of the features are: comment on pictures, manage categories, albums and pictures, automatic thumbnail creation, navigation with thumbnails, display random gallery pictures, recent comments, files and albums on the sidebar, …

    you can find more information and a download link at

    cheers naabster

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  • I downloaded the plugin after looking at your demo. It looks good. I have installed it but can’t create the first album. I tried with the folder in the 00-gfx folder, but that didn’t work. Then I tried putting my test gallery in my galleries folder, but that also didn’t work. I keep getting this message:

    Either this filetype () is not allowed to upload, or you did not provide all required files!

    Can you help?

    you need to specify the correct absolute path to your gallery-folder on the options tab.

    its something like //www/htdocs/your_id/gallery-folder/

    otherwise the script does not know where to put your images..

    this gallery folder (and within the 00-gfx folder) needs to be CHMOD 777

    and of course you need to provide an image for this category/album

    I am testing this locally on my computer. I have //localhost/wordpress/wp-content/galleries/. Is that correct?

    I have a test folder which I put in 00-gfx. Is that okay?

    try this: make a php file with this command:
    this will print your root directory.
    if you are testing locally you will get something like

    now put your gallery-folder path after “htdocs” to this result and you will get the right absoulte path, for example:

    the http path would be (if you are testing locally) something like this:
    http:// localhost/wordpress/wp-content/galleries/

    you have to put the 00-gfx folder in the folder specified above.

    I hope this will help you!

    Thanks for helping me get through the installation on my local computer. The plugin works great for those wishing to set up photo albums in a very simple way in WP. It has a couple of different features than some of the other gallery plugins. It allows you to move photos from one album to another. It also uses thumbnails instead of the Prev and Next links when viewing an album. And it has a dropdown control box for choosing how many thumbnails you want to see on a page.

    And one more feature is that when you click on a thumbnail to start your viewing of the album, it fixes the position of the images and the prev/next images so that you don’t have to adjust your browser window. This is cool.

    Okay, I’ve successfully installed the plugin. I made my category and album. I inserted pictures into an album. When I go to manage Categories and Albums, it shows the album I made has 33 images. When I go to manage the album, it shows me the pictures.

    My problem is….the gallery is not showing up on my blog. I just have a blank page.

    I thought I had followed the instructions to the letter. Any idea what might be wrong?


    did you take a look at the template files in the package? you need to adjust these files for your own layout and copy them to your current theme directory.

    i provided the template files for the default theme. if you switch to this one (and if you have the provided template files in your ../theme/default/ folder) the gallery should show up properly.

    I’m trying this out on one of my sites:

    One problem I came across was that my folder could not be named the same as my page. After I renamed my folder, everything showed up fine.

    The plugin seems really nice, and this might be my impression, but the software seems a little bloated.

    Just two or three questions, I’m currently using Photopress 0.95 which is extremely buggy but I can use it, somewhat:

    1. Will you include a fast way to insert the thumbs on a post, with options to link to the gallery or the full image?

    2. How far away is the PNG support?

    3. If you will implement/is implemented the feature on 1., do you think you can implement a JS to popup the full images?

    I know the code is way off being perfect, but the plugin is still in development and so far functioning.
    I will go through the code again for sure, to make the plugin smaller and more efficient. But this will take some more time, as i am right now also in university exams..

    PNG support is basically no big deal, the only thing is, that i have no thumbnail creation function for png files so far, so i disabled support for them.

    JS pop-up for images is also no big deal.

    What do you mean with 1. ? an filter for the content of a post, that adds thumbnails from an album to this post automatically?

    I think that in WordPress they are called “QuickTags”. The buttons =P.

    I think it will work like this: We click on the quicktag, a new page or popup opens, we select the image and we click in an option to add it to the post.
    That will involve an image browser too, for selecting the images… hmm, maybe that’s too much of a trouble.

    Great plugin, thanks! I have it running well and I bet that if you add some more functions it will become quite popular (maybe change the name as well?).

    One thing I would like to see is the ability to name and describe individual photos and have this info appear as a popup on hover over image, or perhaps as a caption below. To me, that would be the most urgent addition that would make the plugin ininitely more attractive.

    Just my 2 cents. Thanks again for making this available, I’m already setting up my galleries with it.



    I have updated the plugin.
    it now supports jpg, gif and png files, has picture captions, a Userlevel based permission system, lightbox support, bulk upload for 5 pictures and support for different languages.


    Thanks for sharing this plugin. I’m using it with the Lightbox option enabled. The only thing is that I can’t find how to add an “alt”/”title” text to any picture I’m submitting to my gallery, so that this text appears under the picture when lightboxed.

    Can anyone help me please?

    Thanks in advance.

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