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    is it posible to get a new function/ parameter that the plugin makes a circle arround each point from a KML File. The Radius sould be a parameter for example: 200meter.

    I use flexible map for my FireDepartment to Create WhaterMaps. The Circle arround a Position helps us to see the distance better.


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  • Plugin Author webaware


    G’day fire fighter,

    The easiest way to draw such a map is to start with your own JavaScript code. Given a set of marker coordinates and associated titles / descriptions, it’s actually pretty easy to write that in JavaScript.

    A generic KML map plugin isn’t going to get you what you want easily. The problems are that:

    1) KML doesn’t support circles
    2) Google Maps API doesn’t let you grab the markers from the KML layer

    However, you can look at adding circles to your KML map using a KML circle generator like this one:

    What it does is create a many-sided polygon that looks like a circle. You need to punch in the coordinates for your markers, generate the KML, and copy the LineString elements across to your map’s KML file. A little tedious, but it’ll get you there.

    One of these days, I’m going to extend this plugin to allow maps to be defined in JSON (JavaScript object notation), allowing access to more of the Google Maps API widgets like circles. That would let you do this more easily. Possibly it could be done with Fusion Tables too; haven’t investigated that yet (although a quick google show that maybe you still need to write JavaScript to draw the circles for Fusion Tables maps).

    It’s possible that one of the other Google Maps plugins will allow you to build your map in JSON or Fusion Tables, giving you access to circles; maybe you can have a look to see what they offer.

    However, I still think you’re best off having someone write a simple custom JavaScript map for you; it’s the easiest way to get where you want to go.


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