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  • I’m happy and proud to announce the availability of a new theme, realesed in 4 colour variation, that is fully localizable. The them was developped by a friend I just helped a bit helping gettexting the files and making the .pot files for translation

    I think it’s one of the firsts if not the first one after the Default theme that offer this opportunity.

    The theme is in english and comes with the it_IT.po and, translators can use the it_IT.po as a base for a new translation, I hope some of the localizing group will catch the chance to have new fres themes available in they own language.

    The theme is available as demo and download at and the author will be happy to help you in the localization and listen to any suggestion for evntually improvements.

    Cause I helped him in the localization works I’ll be available to help translators too

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  • Shouldn’t the translators use the .po file? Whenever I made a translation it was by editing (in a text editor or poEdit) the .PO file and then create a .MO file.
    Also, wouldn’t make it easier to offer a generic .POT file of the English strings?

    XeroCool, using machine translations and having localized themes have nothing to do with each other! I don’t really understand your post…

    Your site is in Italian. I dont know how people understand it If their not Italian like me..

    @ moshu: you right infact the themes will come with and .po so translators can use the .po file as a base for a new translation. But the them doens’t use the WP .mo files located in the languages directory but it’s own .mo files. It use the feature offered in 1.5x to have themes and plugins localizable. About offering the .pot files in the themes distribution i’ll tell to theme developper.

    The them is based on english text but we are italian so cause was already pre-distributed to some italiaa people the italian .mo e .po files are already there.

    translators can use the .mo file as a base for a new translation
    That’s my problem 🙂 You do not edit the .mo files (=Machine Object files). They are created after editing the .po files.

    Opps you right.. i correct the post.. i mess up with .mo and .po LOL 🙂

    @ XeroCool Tha’s not my site, but yes it’s in italina but posts related to the them are in italian and english.

    I don’t think it’Îs not so bad, i would like to see lot of themes and plugins fully localizable coming from page wirtten in all languages maybe with a poor english description. Not beeing a mother tongue english man make me less englishcentric 🙂

    One more thing. Not having a generic (English) .PO or .POT file, only those who speak Italian can translate the themes. That’s why I proposed to create a .POT file (i.e. extract the translatable strings from the theme).

    No no, the theme is in english, the it.IT.po and the .pot (downloadable at the developper site) is in english. The packaged theme comes with italians language files but if you use it on a WP installation swith no language settings or a language different than it_IT the them will show up in english like all other themes. Having core files of the them with string in italian would have been unusefull as you pointed out.

    The pot file for the localization are avaible at the same post in the bottom. The pot is at this address .
    If anyone translate in other language my template and want to distribute the .po and .mo file send me and i publish for all.

    The confusion came because all the time you were talking about the Italian .po and .mo files (which, BTW, is only a nice addition) and never mentioned the .POT file till now! The translators only need the .POT file – which is also downloadable from the site “file pot”. And no, the translators will NOT work from the Italian .po or .mo files, they will start with the .POT file.
    Confusion cleared. Italian users should download the theme files and the file, while all the other translators should download the theme files and the .pot file.
    Make it simple, man 🙂

    Edit. nikynik was faster…

    thanks i go to correct all.

    Sorry for confusion 🙂

    BTW i’m not NykyNyk, I just helped him having the them gettexted and i generated the .pot file for him – I’m the coordinator of the italian language translators team for WP release and I’m helping him to spread the words about the theme too 🙂

    Greetings 🙂

    @steveagl, I know who you are and I never thought you were nikynik 🙂
    (I am on the polyglots list, too)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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