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    This and most of my site projects are in twenty ten all static to date. Today I tried to set up a post/blog page within one of the static sites but it redirects to home from “preview changes” or provides a ‘not found’ from the direct url. If I disengage the post-selection (from menu/appearance/customize or settings/reading), the page is fine – its when in post format it misdirects.

    Trying to solve it by viewing others with similar issues –
    – I’ve reset and returned permalink settings,
    – I’ve tried setting post from both customize and settings areas
    – I’ve checked to see if the custom menu was an issue – note below
    – I’ve looked in htaccess and config.php
    – I disabled all plugins

    (have sites on different hosts – same problem on 2 that I checked)

    This leads me to believe I have edited something incorrectly within my child themes or I have made a fundamental set-up error that I am repeating along the way.

    Is there an area that I am best to focus on for resolving this?

    (Custom Menu: Not to confuse matters, but when I look in the custom menu selection list (but not active), there are 2 home page options – I wonder if one from the initial template setup – that was meant for the sample posts…).

    Any guidance / help able to provide is greatly appreciated. jimii

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  • Digging further on this – I believe the home page might have been set-up on the index or page.php template (intended for posts) thus the problem described above with posts 301 redirecting to home….(checked on webmaster tools)

    To solve this I’ve tried creating a custom page template per codex, but then the home page has no formatting or style? Can anyone add any guidance on this? Does this make sense?

    can someone please help… I’m not sure how to fix this.
    Briefly restating it seems the home page is on the home.php page so when I try to now implement a blog / post page it just redirects to home. (that’s its template it seems)
    I’ve tried creating a custom page template for the public home page but it loses all existing formatting on the home.(either I’m way off or close… I don’t know.)

    Any guidance would be appreciated. thank you.

    This is a temp link-redirect to the site:

    the blog/post page is just /blog that doesn’t find anything…



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    did you follow the instructions in

    how many published posts do you have?

    Alchymyth, Thank you for commenting on this…

    I did use the information on codex- and when I selected that as Home template page – the home was zero formatting straight down the left page – no formatting at all for headers masthead or anything.

    In creating the custom home / static template I copied the page.php from 20-10 into a new file – renamed it and loaded it into my twentyten child. I can ftp it back in if that would help to see what it does….

    I don’t have any posts just reloading content into new WP design from old non-WP. The main ‘post’ page wouldn’t show – it just redirected home or ‘page not found’… I also loaded a post, thinking if it was empty it wouldn’t show anything… [Except now as I write you and DOUBLE CHECK all this the blog page is posting / showing – just fine] : ) (before I post here I spend many hours trying to solve issues myself – so this is very embarrassing)

    Does this mean I don’t need to do a custom template format for the home page – or I should still do one and figure out the formatting issue?

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