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    Hi there, I’ve just installed and been playing around with your plugin and it looks great! Thank you!!

    I just wondered if it would be possible to just sell new cars and not used too?

    Also, some info on shortcodes for displaying parts of the plugin on different pages would be amazing!

    It would be great if we could hide the price until the user has filled in some details (from a lead generation point of view), any plans for this?

    Finally, would it be possible to add our own search items such as trim (spec level), engine size, number of doors etc etc.

    Sorry to go on, you may already have these things covered, I just can’t find any real documentation to look through?!

    Keep up the good work ;0)


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  • Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for the compliments, they’re greatly appreciated.

    It’s awesome to know so many people have found it useful. I also appreciate some of the ideas you have. I love the idea of ‘hiding’ prices for people who aren’t logged in or signed up. What a great idea for capturing a lead! This is definitely going on the to do list.

    Since you’ve had a few hours to play with it you’ve probably noticed that the search form is somewhat limited. Expanding it and allowing it to be customized like you described above is definitely on the list as well.

    As for just selling new cars only without used the easiest way (for right now) to handle this is to use a third party PlugIn to hide the new/used search field.

    I’m also working on adding more shortcodes for inventory display, but I’ve run into a couple issues that’s delayed that feature. What other ideas did you have for shortcodes?

    About the documentation, you’re right, it’s definitely lacking, especially for developers. I was hoping to have a bunch of information published this week but my schedule got a little overloaded and it looks like it might be a couple more weeks, but it is definitely in the works. In the meantime if you have questions or run into problems just post a thread here and I’ll do what I can to help you out.

    take care and keep an eye out for updates, I’ll definitely be adding in some of those ideas.


    No worries 🙂

    Hiding prices would be most useful for the client I am working on a new site for! Glad its going on the list! Even if it is just a link saying ‘See discounted price’ (or something to that effect) which takes them through to a form they have to complete before being shown the price. That way the customer has to give over some info before getting a good price on their new car! Perhaps this functionality would be optional as some users may not want it, depends on their requirements I guess.

    The search functionality development would also be very useful as it forms the main function of the site, I think anyway.

    I’m quite happy to hide the new/used section via CSS as it may turn out that the client decides to do ‘nearly new’ stock cars as well, just wondered if you had any plans for that section.

    Regarding the shortcodes, nothing specific in mind apart from the fact that I can only find a way to display pages/functionality via widget areas… or did i miss something? I really like the demo site’s functionality, just need to work out how to reproduce it on my clients site ;0)

    I know how you feel with an overloaded schedule so no worries, this is a freelance project for a company I used to work for so I’m finding it difficult to find the time too – who’s idea was it to only put 24 hours in a day huh ;0)

    If I do get some time I will have a look at some of the functionality (especially the search stuff), if I do anything that may be of use to you then i’m happy to send it over.

    Best of luck!


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