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    Hi all!

    Here you can request new features for the next versions of the plugin ๐Ÿ™‚

    Be inventive!


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  • I don’t know if this is a new feature for the next release or an issue for this one.

    When the slide out menu is visible, if there are links in the portion of the screen that is being covered, they show through. If there are no links, the slide out menu background seems to be completely opaque.

    This is a problem. I am using a background color that is the same as the text of the links. That mostly covers them up.

    It would be nice if you could a) make the slide out menu background completely opaque b) have a setting to make it opaque or to adjust percentages of transparency.

    Plugin Author Lekcie


    Hi @jcomanda,

    Thanks for your message.
    Could you send your website URL or a screen capture or something please?


    I have set it up in a test area for now, and I have set a lighter background color so it’s easier to see the elements that bleed through.

    One thing I have discovered is that it’s not just links that bleed through. Some of the other elements do too.

    If you open the hamburger menu at the top of the page here, it looks pretty good, but if you scroll down the page with the slide-out menu still displayed, you will see elements of the underlying page bleed through.

    This page has links at the top that bleed through immediately.

    Plugin Author Lekcie


    Okay, it seems to be a z-index issue.
    Try to set the index of your columns block (in header) to 2
    See picture:

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    Thanks for your quick reply and help.

    I got it to work by using this single line of custom CSS.

    .stk-f59b0b1 {z-index: 2;}

    I assumed that this would only work for a single page. It ended up working for all the elements on the pages that I have tested so far, except one, an input text box in the middle of a form ( To see it, scroll down the page until it appears with the slide out menu up.

    I don’t really understand why that single CSS line should work across the website. Could you explain it better to me? I understand z-order. I don’t understand why changing a single element on one page had such an “almost universal” effect.

    The truth is, I would prefer not to think that I have to go find all the elements on all the pages that somehow bleed through.

    I tried setting z-index to 9999 on the slide out menu background, thinking that might do it. Is that a possibility? If so, what is the CSS?

    Plugin Author Lekcie


    .stk-f59b0b1 {z-index: 999;}

    This should solve your problem ๐Ÿ™‚


    Yes, it did. Great. And Thank you.

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