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  • Hello very great plugin… Missing the following, seen from my side :
    * I badly need the possibility to sent at least 3 different mails, and to choose which one to send when selecting “send mail”. The reason is that I sell workshops, and not products. Then the day before the workshop, it is so nice for the people to receive a nice mail “We are sorry, nobody canceled, you are welcome another time…” so that they feel happy and register for the following workshop !
    But that need a second mail !
    * The 3rd mail is because when there are more than 1, a 3rd one is easy to add and I will surely find another idea !
    * It would be great have the possibility to change the text of the mail just before sending, without having to go back to the extension setting.
    But AT LEAST, to see what will be sent before sending !

    *also a GREAT GREAT great improvement would be to offer the possibility to automatically delete from the user list, a user who have placed an order for the product (workshop for me).
    Because if several people cancel from time to time, it wouldn’t be nice for the guy to receive several mails after having placed its order

    * Also, an dea, but for much later I guess :
    Send the mail 1 by one, with a time set in between each sending, starting from the first entered in the waiting list. So that the first entered are somehow privileged… But that would mean to monitor how many stocks are left and to cancel the sending before finieshed in case there is no more product in stock.
    Also, that means to automatically cancel from the waiting list someone who late its order, so that the waiting can easily restart in case new product re-appear in sock !

    Big big thanks !

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