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    I’m developing a multi user site and wish to know if I could let each user or user group (associated with a group name or alike through a custom data field) to see stats regarding their own posts defined by a taxonomy, tag, etc. (or any kind of filtering)?

    The current site is not a Multi-site but a similar project is intended to be developed with MS feature.

    Appreciate your feedback.

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  • By the way, Is it possible to mark which posts or pages to be displayed for each author/user, in other words, user specific posts?

    Appreciate your feedback.

    To whom is this question directed?

    It’s directed to the developer of WP Stats Dashboard. If it’s you, I appreciate if you could consider my question if it is possible to customize output of the stats.

    For example, current user may only see the stats regarding his personal posts/pages and not the other users neither the global stats.

    I will consider developing such a feature for the next release. It will however be generic at first.



    Great and thanks for your replay!
    Please publish information about this feature or let me know to be able to test it in my dummy installation.

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