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  • I have been seeing a LOT of Great Quotes put to inspirational images lately and it made me think….

    WHAT IF you could assign up to 5 images per quote…obviously it would be advantageous to ‘suggest to the user’ that the images should contain the quote, but there are options as described below.

    The Layout
    Admin Area
    – Currently as is, but add in the ability to upload up to 5 images
    – A check box would be under each for the options of
    — CHECKed the image has no quote, super impose this quote on the image for display
    — UNCHECKed the image has a quote, display as is

    Obviously as the quotes can be random so would the images associated with that quote if selected by the random generator.

    – It would have a small thumbnail 75×75, 100×100, 125×125, something like that for at least 2 or 3 image size options
    – Image only (obviously)
    – Random (either image, only those images with quotes or a small thumbnail and the quote wrapped around it

    The Visitor Perspective
    – In the Widget area, it would have the image size selected wrapped by the quoting text or the Random stated above
    – In the ‘select a quote’, ‘group quotes’ options it would have the option to display as is or do the same as the widget with a larger image, perhaps the ‘medium’ size set by WordPress Media
    – In the Full Page, there are two options 1) display images only in columns, but only those with quotes in the image 2)display as a blog post with an image to the left and the quote to the right of the image.

    ADVANCED STUFF – that would be nice
    1) Have the images on Full Page, paginated, display options for tags, display options for quote author – again the visitor of the site chooses what and how they want to see them.
    2) Having images do the Ken Burns photo effect (
    3) Any Widget display or other image display comes up in a lightbox

    I realize this would be a LOT of work, but I believe you can do this and offer it as the Quotes Collection Pro for $5.00 or more… I KNOW I would pay for it!

    Thanks for taking my suggestion!

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  • The Author Jack Foreigner


    Hell, I’d be happy if this plugin just recognized the anchor tag attributes of target=”_blank” and rel=”nofollow”! 🙂

    But your ideas are good — though I’d suggest a higher price, like US$20, US$25….

    I agree Jack, however, I don’t see where you would require

    target=”_blank” and rel=”nofollow”

    as there are no links or link areas used in this plugin, even if you place / type a link in the quote, it’s not a WYSIWYG editor and WordPress may or may not convert it to a link based on the version of WP.

    If you require the target and rel for your links elsewhere in your website, I would suggest the plugin

    Jack is likely referring to the source field where you can add a link, but you cannot add the target or rel statements to that link. The rel-nofollow-checkbox plugin doesn’t help in this case. I’ve experimented with the php files and got it to add a target statement but not in the right place. The php calls for “Source” – but I cannot find where it is adding the rest of the link code.

    Thanks Crack_baby…. at least you were able to confirm the issue I also had in the php code. I keep messing with it when I have time, but have yet to get it correct for the TARGET and NOFOLLOW.

    However, it would be nice to see the other suggestions done at the top of the post.

    And Jack, if those features did arrive, I agree $20/$25 is a fair price…I’d also like to see a dev price as well. I have installed this plugin on several clients and they love it….but they are the ones that also gave me through feedback the initial ideas for this post.

    Well if you DO figure out a solution I hope that you’ll share… I discovered this plugin via another designer’s site, and his quote source links open in a new window. I’ve asked how he did it but I haven’t heard anything yet.

    I think your suggestions are good.

    It could be conflict with my theme, but I cannot get the ‘next quote’ link to show unless it’s in called in php template and not shortcode.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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