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  • Hi,
    At present I’m using your plugin with User Spam Remover.

    This plugin removes users who have no posts etc to their names, after a certain length of time. The idea is that your plugin or akismet, etc, prevents the spam from being posted, but leaves the registration intact: the USR plugin will then just delete it.

    Would it be possible to combine this functionality within your plugin? Why? – because I can see the value of doing an IP etc check before the deletion occurs, which will mean that logged in genuine but inactive users can still be retained (and used as contacts, membership etc). USR doesn’t do that, except through using a patch alongside another login logging system, and it’s much more basic than what I am suggesting.

    How I would envisage this is that a check be made of users without activity after being registered for (say) between 30 and 31 days. It may be that this would involve you needing to store registration/login IPs, and I can see that might be a step too far, but, hey, you’re the developer!

    I can also see the value of being able to manually check part or all of the user’s list against sfs etc.

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  • Tanks,

    WordPress does not store the ip of the users in the database, and I have resisted changing things so that it does.

    This is the #1 feature request, so I guess I’ll add it. The next version will be out in a few weeks, I may have time to add this.


    I believe that making a change to the wordpress core to store registration ip and last login date is pretty high on the feature request list over “there”.

    Perhaps there is room for 2 plugins: one which adds this functionality to wordpress, which can then be dropped/incorporated-into-core when automaticc decide to sort it themselves (possily after seeing how many downloads you will get), and your stop spammers plugin, which will detect the presence of the first plugin, and offer these options if available.

    I should imagine multipress implementation would be a nightmare.

    I know there are a few plugins which already do what I’m suggesting, cos I use one of them (DRP WordPress User Management), but if it is to integrate with yours I guess an in-house one has to be better.

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