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  • When event is successfully added the url of the event changes to

    /?event=<title> instead of /events/<title>

    this seems to worked fine on my test site; can I know what was your previous EM version and is this using either frontend event submission form or using backend?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    sounds like you need to check your WP permalink settings under WP > Settings > Permalinks

    unfortunately I do not have the exact version number. It should be about 2 previous version before the current. I have also checked the Global permalink settings and this is set to “Post Name” which is what everything should be set as.

    here is a better description of what is going on ..

    So I am working with 2 servers development and production. On the development site I have first installed the event-manager plugin (from about 2 versions ago or late October/ early November). At this time the plugin installed fine and was able to configure perfectly. I was able to do a few updates and things still looked great. when it was finally time to move to production and since the databases were the same, I copied the entire site to the new server. this also included the current version of the plugin only (since you basically have to overwrite the previous version). With doing this the old version of the plugin seemed to keep the appropriate “permalink slug” (ie. /events/<title>). but when installing this on a new server as a fresh install it does not hold the “permalink slug” and defaults to “/?post_type=event&p=3952” when first creating an event. Then when the event is publish is changes to /?event=<title> instead of /events/<title>.

    So far I have tried going through each of the settings of the plugin (pages and formatting) to see if there is a way to set this differently and no change made seems to work. I have also restored the production database multiple times and installed a fresh install of the plugin but it still doesn’t work.

    Side Note: When deleting the 3 initial events and after emptying trash they still remain on system. you have to physically delete them from the database or they will show up on the event list with a blank title with a date of 1970.

    but when installing this on a new server as a fresh install it does not hold the “permalink slug” and defaults to “/?post_type=event&p=3952” when first creating an event.

    Did you check at @marcus suggestion? also, you mentioned that you copied that entire site? does it includes the entire database and/or wp diretory? Also, have you tried to temporarily:

    – deactivating all other plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).
    – switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems

    Yes I had checked that suggestion. I had even changed “global” permalink setting to a different setting and then back. This still didn’t fix the issue. I have also tried to turn off each plug-in as you have mentioned above. This also did not seem to help.

    When I say that I have copied the entire site, I mean that I copied only the code (wp directory). The databases were already synced prior to adding the event-manager plugin. My steps were as follows (for dev) …
    1) update wordpress to latest version 3.4.2
    2) update all plugins to latest versions
    3) install event-manager and WP calendar (which was written by you guys)
    4) configure event-manager
    5) test
    6) apply updates to event-manager

    When this was completed and fully tested I moved all the latest versions of everything (except the database) to production. Once on production I preformed these steps
    1) update WP database
    2) activate plug-ins
    3) configure event-manager.
    4) test

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    The databases were already synced prior to adding the event-manager plugin.

    Just to be clear here, did you migrate from one site to another e.g. local to production, and does it work on your local?

    Also,could it be that you modified your DB when migrating? In some cases depending on your setup if you do a search/replace of urls you can break your installation, especially if the URLs are different in string length as that breaks any serialized arrays stored using the url.

    We don’t use serialized arrays for permalink stuff, but it could be the problem with another plugin you had there.

    When you turned off plugins (and reverted your theme) did you resave yoru permalinks settings?

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