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  • Yep, another quality WordPress plugin from the makers of BlogBling. This one integrates your blog and ESBN. Now you can get an Electronic Standard Book Number (ESBN) for each blog entry and you can proudly display it on your blogs.

    Pop over to the Project Page for downloads and install instructions.

    As always, comments, questions and Pizza are always welcome.


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  • I’m really surprised this has had no comments – I think it’s an excellent plugin.

    Yes it is. Except that the install isntructions are totally “geeky” and not for the average WP user.

    Unfortunately the coders always forget that User Joe has a PC with windows OS… and are never able to write instructions for UJ in plain English:
    – here is the .zip and here is the .tar.gz
    – download AND unzip it on your computer (most users never heard about command lines and stuff)
    – etc. etc.

    With the instructions you have you just scare away users. Sorry, that’s how it is.


    Sorry that the instructions were not clear. This is my 6th plugin and that’s the first comment of that nature I’ve had. I will review them and see if I can’t clear them up a bit. In the mean time, if you have specific questions, I’m happy to help.


    p.s. FWIW, my development machine is Windows and I almost never use command line tools on Windows. However, there are so many ways to unzip a file on Windows that it’s just easier to use the generic unzip than try and cover them all.

    Cal, it’s the use of the word “tarball” that’s going to get you oddball looks….

    Windows never heard of that. Windows users generally would have NO CLUE. Try just using the “real” generic “compressed file”….

    Personally I don’t have any questions.
    But I agree very much with vkaryl, these 2 lines
    place the tarball in your wp-content dir.
    untar with tar -zxvf wp-esbn.tgz

    scare the sh*t out of every non-techie user 🙂

    … which is a great way to minimize support efforts… 😉

    (I kid, really!)


    hehehe But I like the word tarball. 🙂 Ok, I’ll review them tomorrow and try and fix them up a bit. How do most people install plugins? (I ssh into the box, wget the tar FILE and untar it right on the server. I guess I just never put any thought into how others did it.

    Ty for the kind words. I I visited your site today. It’s very nice. And I love your current thread. Ingenious idea. 🙂


    Um. Jeez. That was about as geeky as I’ve run across since 1984 (when I got my first box….)

    How do they do it…. download the file to hdd. Uncompress using XP’s built-in, winzip, or (in my case) winrar. Upload using either a “common” ftp client or the cpanel upload facility. Activate in the plugin page.

    I do have ssh access because I’m the reseller. However, I can’t be bothered to use it. I also have kanotix installed, but since it won’t recognize my dual monitors, my vid card, or my modem, I just use windows.

    I do the same as C does, or if I downloaded it to windows I unzip with 7zip and use WinSCP to move it on over.

    *shrug* You’re a geek too, as I’ve noted in many of your replies….

    I’m not saying that’s bad. It’s not. I’m saying it’s not representative of the “normal windows user installing wp”.

    Fair ’nuff. (Although you forced me to go google up “kanotix”…)

    HA! I’m geekier than you are….! Heh…. hrm….

    Thing is, I’m not a “normal” windows user either for many many reasons. But I AM a web manager for those normal windows users.

    You have NO CLUE, until you’ve sat with one of them and watched them…. it’s a revelation.

    Handy and Cal,
    it’s not about what you, guys, do – because you are not the average WP end user (otherwise you wouldn’t be helping out here or wriring plugins, respectively).

    It is about the end user who basically goes by the process described above by vkaryl. That’s why I consider any instructions not written with that in mind… almost useless.
    Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, I always get upset when coders disregard the not-so-techie users like myself. I am just an old (non-native English speaker) linguist killing time around here 😉

    Ah…. phooey. I’m older than you are. But then, I AM a geek, and I AM a native English speaker.

    And I have issues with thread drifting… sorry :-\

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 72 total)
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