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    Your latest update has broken the parallax function… I set up parallax in dev, got everything working well, duplicated the site, pushed it to the live domain, and updated everything to the latest versions… all pages where parallax is activated stopped working as intended…

    Here is the page on dev:

    using the following versions:
    Elementor v2.0.16
    Elementor Pro v2.0.11


    using the following versions of elementor:
    Elementor v2.1.1
    Elementor Pro v2.0.13

    Since parallax is an important function on these pages, the site is essentially broken until this is fixed… Any help?

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  • This just happened to me too. No more parallax. I use Granular Controls for Elementor for parallax. Also I was having trouble with editing a testimonial slider widget (a LiveMesh addon), although later the same day it seemed to work OK.

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    my parallax stopped working too. using Granular Controls. any hope to fix it?

    The issue may not be Elementor however… it may be granular control… looking at the code, the entire parallax function is missing from pages where it should appear (that is visible when using the older version of elementor). It seems that the updated version of Elementor (free) is stripping out the script for parallax.

    still no solution ?

    I have confirmed this issue is with how Elementor interacts with the granular controls plugin… Elementor is no longer passing the granular controls functions to a page. So technically, this is an issue with Granular Controls rather than Elementor… (though I hope at some point Elementor adds a parallax image function to their pro version… )

    Why Elementor does’nt already add Parallax option to sections and columns? it should be so hard, it’s a simple and common effect to achieve.

    The problem is not with Granular Controls. I do not have Granular Controls installed, yet my Parallax broke on July 5.

    The problem occurred for me when WordPress 4.9.7 was auto-updated on July 5.

    Something in WordPress 4.9.7 breaks Elementor’s Parallax. I am not sure if this is a WordPress issue or and issue with Elementor’s implementation of Parallax.

    Yes same.
    The picture just doesn’t appear till the background image is set to default/scroll instead of fixed.

    Had to remove all parallax or have a blank site.

    I do not have granular controls

    Interested to know the fix.

    Maybe I am misunderstanding you.. but as far as I know, Elementor doesn’t have a built in parallax function (which is why many people either hard code the function into their themes or they use a plugin…You can code one using jquery… or you can use the Granular Controls plugin…)

    So my thought is that you will not see a fix from Elementor… since it isn’t responsible for the issue…

    I was having the same issue.
    The parallax effects stopped working in all my websites suddenly without me having made any changes on the web.
    I don’t have Granular Controls plugin installed…
    But I found a way to fix it 🙂
    For solving it, I don’t know the reason but to solve the problem you only have to change the value of the Z-Index parameter in the Advance tab of the Section where you want to have the parallax effect.
    You have to try different numbers for the Z-Index parameter to see which one work for you. ( I am using Z-Index Value = 70 and it work well )

    It seems like the problem come due to another section or elements was overlapping the section when you activate the parallax effect, and changing the Z-Index for a higher value solves the problems.
    That’s the way I have solved the issue in my case
    Hope It also help you 🙂

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    Elementor still doesn’t offer Parallax so this is something we currently don’t yet support

    Hello all – same issue – I do not have granular controls and had to set all sections backgrounds in elementor panel, to default/scroll instead of fixed to see the images again.

    In any case (support or not support parallax from Elementor) the “fixed” option doesnt work now in elementor.

    @voxelartstudio tried z-index option you are suggesting but nothing has changed..

    The easiest way to get parallax to work on Elementor sites is to hard code the function into the child theme using this easy to implement code:

    No plugin needed and it works well and won’t break one other plugins are updated (Elementor DOES NOT have a built in parallax function… my original post failed to mention that i was using granular controls to get parallax)

    Guys, I made an account here just to share this with you.. I think this is what you’re all talking about.. this hack fixed my issues.

    Good luck to you all,


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