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  • Paul


    I’ve noticed in my sites that since the 5.3 update, there is an input lag in the editor when doing certain actions like backspacing highlighted text or pressing enter to move to a new block. Has anyone noticed a similar thing?

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  • Hi Paul, which browser are you using?

    Hi, Does solve your problem? Thanks



    I’m not using the Twenty Twenty theme. I’m using Chrome.

    Sometimes this can happen because of editor plugins, you might want to try disabling plugins one by one and see if it helps.

    Hi there,

    If you use a Cloudflare SSL certificate. then sometimes the SSL certificate blocked the resource to load the scripts of the core. That’s why occurred this peculiar problem. If you use the Cloudflare, Please turn off the rocket loader from your SSL provider.




    I don’t use a Cloudflare SSL.

    Sometimes this can happen because of editor plugin

    What do you mean by “editor plugins”? I use plugins, but I don’t know if any of them would qualify as one.

    Riad Benguella


    I mean plugins that tweak the behavior of the editor one or another (SEO, blocks, …)



    I want to say, did you inform the theme support?



    Again, I don’t use the Twenty Twenty theme.

    I don’t use plugins that directly affect the editor, but there are ones that add settings to the editor screen like Yoast SEO and review plugins. I need these plugins. It may be my theme or a plugin, but everything is up to date; if other people aren’t experiencing some of this lag, then I’ll just wait for an update.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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