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  • Also, if I set the user role to administrator, access is granted as normal.

    Did this ever get resolved? I have a User set up with an Editor role but can’t log in to the site. When I change the role to Admin then she can log in. Any suggestions??

    @wizastudios, if you need help, it’s suggested in the forum guidelines that you start your own thread.

    why? this is the exact same problem I have here.

    Yep, some forums do work that way, but here we generally don’t. This is partly because your issue is not really the same unless you have an identical situation — i.e. same theme, same plug-ins, same server, etc. Any number of things can cause problems so what might solve yours would not necessarily solve someone else’s even if you have the same symptoms.

    You also get help faster when you start a new thread — as helpers here tend to answer new (unanswered) threads first.

    It also just works better – having multiple conversations in the same thread can get very confusing.

    @wpyogi: In the absence of a new thread I’m going to post here.

    @wizastudios: Mine was plugin related. Bizarrely, the first thing I did was to rename my plugins folder in order to deactivate all of my plugins at the same time but the problem persisted, which threw me off the scent for a while – so I’d recommend this as a first port of call:

    Try deactivating your plugins one by one, trying to login via the editor account after each deactivation. Hopefully, it will be plugin related and once you turn off the offending plugin, the problem will resolve. You can then make a call on its functionality – maybe switching it out for something similar that doesn’t cause the conflict. Mine was an ‘under construction’ plugin. I had switched it off via a switch in the plugin rather than deactivating it properly. Once deactivated, the problem resolved.
    Good luck with your troubleshooting – I hope this helps.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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