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  • I’m planning out a plug-in for greeting cards and would like to get any feedback on what people would like to see / not like to see.

    One of the things I’m wondering is would people like to have the plug-in come with a group of basic cards that just work, or should the cards be based on photos added by the admin or users?

    I’m hoping to use the web api from my site because it’s based on a graphics engine that can do things like let fonts be displayed that are not on the user’s system, or do photo special effects and such.

    Here’s an example of a what I mean by sending a photo card as special effect:
    sample card 1 (cloth based)

    So using the web api gives a lot of features, but separate from that, I’m not sure how much people want to add their own card content versus being able to select from a list of existing items.

    By existing items I mean existing cards on the site you can see here: free ecards

    Also any feedback on sending features, WP integration, version 2.5, etc, would be appreciated.


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  • I want to be able to select, from within WP, photos I have uploaded in the past and make them ecards to send out.

    This means I do not want ALL photos i have uploaded – just the ones I select.

    I also want people to be about to select a photo within a post to send to a friend.

    I run a travel blog and it is important for me that people can send ecards to others saying ‘hey! lets go here! read this post about ____ and here’s a photo of ____’

    I hope thats clear.

    thanks for doing this 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback –

    Now that you describe your scenario that seems like it would be common for WP sites.

    Also it would actually be easier for me because it’s only code and I don’t have to ask our artists for permission to use lots of photos for a big predefined package.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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