new E-commerce 3.6.5 : installation problem (6 posts)

  1. nina_bee
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi! for my site I'd like to install e-commerce (the latest version). I downloded the extention and uploaded it in the plugin directory. When I Activated it, I got an error :

    Warning: mkdir(/homepages/35/d101559139/htdocs/creativesite-dev/wp-content/plugins/wp-shopping-cart/product_images/thumbnails/) [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in /homepages/35/d101559139/htdocs/creativesite-dev/wp-content/plugins/wp-shopping-cart/install_and_update.php on line 1089

    Does anyone get the same error?
    Tanks for your help

  2. codecrazy
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Yes! I am having the exact same problem: Warning: mkdir(/home/lowglyce/public_html/members/wp-content/plugins/wp-shopping-cart/product_images/thumbnails/) [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in /home/lowglyce/public_html/members/wp-content/plugins/wp-shopping-cart/install_and_update.php on line 1089
    This is on a site running WordPress 2.3.1. If you have found the answer, I would really like to know it!

  3. codecrazy
    Posted 8 years ago #

    OK - The problem is fixed. It looks like there are two missing directories. Deactivate the plugin and put a directory called product_images in your wp-shopping-cart directory. Then, put another directory called thumbnails in the product_images directory. You should now be able to activate the plugin without any errors. Note: It might not be necessary to make the thumbnails directory, since it looks like this code is supposed to do that, but I decided not to take any chances. Good luck!

  4. Dan Milward
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Also the latest version 3.6.6 fixes this issue.

    Thanks to codecrazy for helping out!!!



  5. nina_bee
    Posted 8 years ago #

    3.6.6 Works fine for me!!!
    Thanks !!!

  6. designerwood
    Posted 8 years ago #

    3.6.6 didn't work for me trying to do a fresh install.

    I eventually narrowed it down to the lines that define the upload directories in wp-shopping-cart.php:

    $wpsc_category_dir = ABSPATH."{$upload_path}/wpsc/category_images/";

    For me atleast, the $upload_path already contains the ABSPATH, so it was creating a redundant directory structure. If I changed the lines

    $wpsc_category_dir = "{$upload_path}/wpsc/category_images/";

    then it worked fine. Figured that out after hardcoding the $upload_path again to 'wp-content/uploads' worked as well.

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