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  • After dealing with the comments.php and other stuff, here is it my new blog: As I can’t update my profile I’m posting this here, but I wouldn’t mind some feedback. 🙂

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  • Very clean and simple design, but IMHO the page is way too narrow. And may you could consider using a right/left column and adding some stuff there like the archives etc., and or other links. And maybe you could consider a little lighter version of your background color. And your header looks a little out of place only because your page is too narrow.
    Continue hacking and tweaking 🙂

    Elegant, but definitely not accessible to the color blind! (I can’t read the posts at all, which is probably a shame.) But it’s very clean and simple and I like it.

    anant_27: Many of the designs before the present one have been wider, I decided to try for this incarnation a style a little more narrow. The background color is white, what’s lighter than that? 🙂

    ceo: Weird, most of the text is dark grey text over white background, it should be at least readable.

    Thanks for the feedback, both of you. 🙂
    It seems that the background image didn’t load. Otherwise I don’t know how to explain the problem with the background color.

    like the colours and photo, go well (i can read it easily), but yes, site is way too narrow, you’re wasting a lot of screen space. i’d hate to think what that would look like in a wide-screen monitor (or in a resolution wider than 1024). could be very frustrating.

    i suggest widening it, and also specifying unit in % (to help large screens) or pref in em so that when someone increases the text-size, the width for increase too (trying increasing text-size in current design).

    navbar is cool (kudos for using

      ), but as soon as you scroll down, you’ve lost it, suggest use position: fixed to lock it in place somewhere.

    site works with style sheets disabled woo well done.

    cool site, like colours, just too narrow.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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